Dallas City Attorney

Password Change:

Please read the following lesson very carefully. You cannot change your password for E-Mail in the ATT Domain. In order to change your password for E-Mail, you must log out of your computer. At the log on screen, choose City Domain. Enter your E-Mail password and hit ok. If you are not prompted to change your password, press ctrl+alt+del. Here you can change your email password. Once it has been changed, log off of the City Domain. If you have been locked out of your account, please call 214-670-1234. Here is an example of how to change your email password

  1. Log off your computer.
  2. At the log on screen choose City Domain.
  3. Enter your email password and hit ok.
  4. Change your password (If you are not prompted, press ctrl+alt+del).
  5. Log off the City Domain.
  6. Log on to ATT Domain to continue working.