Dallas City Attorney


Community Prosecution Team

The Dallas City Attorney’s Office designates Assistant City Attorneys as Community Prosecutors and pairs them with state-certified Code Officers from the Department of Code Compliance, Fire Inspectors from Dallas Fire-Rescue, and Risk-Nuisance Abatement Detectives from the Dallas Police Department. Community Prosecutors are assigned and officed in neighborhoods throughout the City of Dallas.


Empowering, Strengthening and Engaging Communities
In order to effectively serve the community in a proactive fashion, Community Prosecutors are tasked with generating, cultivating, and community involvement. This involvement is integral to identifying problems, addressing their roots and providing solutions in a manner that best serves the community.

Community Prosecutors utilize an array of tools to assist them in these endeavors, including facilitating Citzen A.C.T.I.O.N. (All Coming Together In Our Neighborhood) team meetings where a Community Prosecutor, neighborhood stakeholders and civil servants work to improve and strengthen their neighborhoods. Community Prosecutors also regularly attend homeowner's association meetings, neighborhood crime watch meetings, and special neighborhood events including National Night Out and graffiti wipe-outs.

Civil and Criminal Legal Strategies
The Dallas City Attorney's Office has various tools available to serve neighborhoods that are negatively impacted by substandard properties, illegal land uses and crime. With assistance from city staff members and community members, Community Prosecutors identify substandard commercial and residential properties that negatively affect the surrounding community. Community Prosecutors use civil remedies to enforce the city's minimum housing standards and zoning ordinances, among other ordinances, and file lawsuits in municipal and district court seeking orders that require property owners to repair their properties and/or take reasonable steps to abate crime occuring at their properties