COD Zoning map

Zoning is the division of land into districts to help ensure that growth and change will occur in a managed, predictable way. The City of Dallas has hundreds of different zoning districts, each containing unique sets of use regulations and development standards to protect the character of the community and help foster land use compatibility.


Zoning 2

Attorneys in the Zoning Section work with city planners, boards and commissions, and city council members to draft all of the ordinances that codify and implement the City’s land use regulations and standards. They draft amendments to the Dallas Development and Construction Codes as well as all of the ordinances effecting the zoning changes requested by landowners and approved by the City Council on a regular, on-going basis.


Zoning 3

In addition to the City Council and city staff, Zoning Section attorneys sit with and provide legal support for the City Plan Commission, the Board of Adjustment, the Landmark Commission, and the Building Inspection Advisory, Examining and Appeals Board. Principal departmental clients include the Department of Development Services, the Department of Public Works and Transportation, and the City Manager’s Office.