Dallas City Attorney

The Transaction and Advisory Sections 1 and 2 consist of 16 attorneys, 8 attorneys in each section, who provide legal support for the city council, boards and commissions, the City Manager’s Office and various city departments. The attorneys in these sections are cross-trained to handle a variety of legal matters in the area of real property, open meetings, open records, housing, bond and finance, aviation, city ordinances, elections, federally-funded programs, construction law matters, environmental law matters, minority and women-owned business contracting, conflicts of interest and ethics matters, and matters relating to the development projects and public entertainment venues.

Attorneys in these sections prepare all of the city’s contracts and legal documents including, but not limited to, tax abatement and economic development agreements, construction, architect and engineering services contracts, interlocal agreements, and real estate documents. They also advise city staff on open records requests and prepare requests for open records decisions to the Texas Attorney General. They also prepare numerous legal opinions on a variety of issues ranging from the city’s code of ethics to state competitive bid law.

Attorneys in this section also handle pension, deferred compensation, and employee benefit matters for the city’s four retirement and pension plans with total assets of $4 billion, serving more than 13,000 employees and their beneficiaries. They also advise city staff on health benefits programs, life insurance, Section 125, Cafeteria Plan, general payroll tax administration, and employee benefit issues involving retired, terminated, or deceased employees.

Transaction & Advisory 1

M. Bostic

D. Lowe

H. Silver

Transactions & Advisory 2

A. Hudman

D. Knight

C. Lanners

B. Martinez

O. Opoky-Acheampong

B. Sims