Dallas City Attorney



The city attorney shall:

(1) Represent the city in all litigation and controversies;

(2) have authority to administer oaths and affidavits;

(3) Prosecute, in person or by assistants, all cases brought before the corporation [municipal] court;

(4) Approve as to form in writing all proposed ordinances before they shall be adopted, or file with the city council, in writing, his objection thereto;

(5) draft all proposed ordinances granting franchises;

(6) Inspect and pass upon all papers, documents, contracts and other instruments in which the city may be interested;

(7) be the legal adviser to the city manager, the council, or any committee thereof, all official boards and commissions and all city officers and employees with respect to any legal question involving an official duty or any legal matter pertaining to the affairs of the City of Dallas;

(8) whenever it shall be brought to her knowledge that any person, firm or corporation exercising and enjoying any franchise or privilege from the City of Dallas has been guilty of a breach of any condition of such grant, or has failed to comply in any material matter with the terms and stipulations thereof, make report of said matter to the city council, together with all facts bearing upon the same which may be brought to his attention. If said council shall determine that said complaints are well founded, it shall be its duty to take such action as may be necessary; and in the event the offending party shall fail or refuse to conform to such order as it may make with respect thereto, it shall be the duty of the council to direct the city attorney to institute suit in the court having jurisdiction thereof against such party so offending to obtain a judgment of forfeiture of said franchise or privilege;

(9) advise the city council, the city manager and all the departments of the city concerning new or proposed state or federal legislation and to represent the city before all legislative bodies in matters affecting the city;

(10) upon her own initiative or upon the direction of the city council, to appear in any and all litigation affecting the city and to represent the city in such manner as she deems to be to the best interest of the city, and to institute such legal proceedings as may be necessary or desirable on behalf of the city;

(11) To hire or discharge such clerical personnel or other personnel as may be authorized for his department by the city council;

(12) when deemed for the best interest of the city, to advise or represent officers and employees of the city in litigation in matters arising out of the official conduct of their office or duties or in the course of their employment;

(13) Perform such other duties as the council may direct or request.


Revision Date: 27 March 2003