Dallas City Attorney

The Economic and Community Development Section consists of 6 attorneys providing legal services involving the City's economic development efforts, housing programs, open records compliance, cultural affairs activities, conflict of interests, boards and commissions and convention center matters. Representative client departments include, but are not limited to, Economic Development, Housing/Community Services, Fair Housing/Human Rights, Planning & Neighborhood Vitality, Cultural Affairs, and Convention & Event Services. Attorneys in this section negotiate and prepare all manner of legal instruments, including development agreements, public private partnership documents, grant and tax abatement documents, ordinances, resolutions, acquisition and development loan documents, event venue leases and licenses, and artists contracts. This section advises city staff, elected officials, and appointed board/committee members; provides briefings; evaluates and drafts federal, state, and local statutes, ordinances; and regulations; and develops program statements and criteria. Heather Silver is the lead attorney for all matters pertaining to the Public Information Act and advises various city departments on all open records matters.

Current Attorney Staff

Barbara Martinez
(Section Head)

Robin Bentley
(Deputy Section Head)

Marichelle Porteous

Heather Silver

Michael Bostic

Jeffrey Chesnut