Dallas City Attorney

Family Violence Unit
The Family Violence Unit of the Dallas City Attorney’s Office is a special unit formed to prosecute Class C Misdemeanor family violence cases in the City of Dallas.  The goal of the Family Violence Unit is to seek justice for the community, victims, and their families.

Special Services

    1. Experienced family violence advocates help victims through each step of the court process and provide referrals to agencies that provide victim services. By empowering victims with information and support, victims can make informed decisions and leave abusive situations.
    2. Victims have a designated family violence prosecutor who will meet with them in person, explain the process, answer any questions, and see the case through from beginning to end.
    3. The municipal court has a designated court that handles all Class C Misdemeanor family violence cases, further concentrating efforts to identify repeat offenders, reduce recidivism, and protect the victims’ rights.

No Drop Policy
Victims of domestic violence often face stalking, harassment, physical abuse, and financial retaliation when trying to end abusive relationships. Recognizing that abusers control their victims through fear and intimidation, our office has a No-Drop Policy. The victim is not able to drop charges in a family violence case. The No-Drop Policy relieves the victim of any undue pressure to drop charges and holds abusers accountable for their crimes. If there is sufficient evidence, we will prosecute. We work with police officers to obtain the information necessary to effectively prosecute domestic violence cases.


2014 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone: (214)-670-4439
Fax: (214)-670-4814
Family Violence Victim Services: (214)-243-2124

Monday - Friday 8:00 am-5:00pm (Courts building closes at 4:30, please call to make arrangements)

Dial 9-1-1- if you are in immediate danger!