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Pre. 51P-1.101. Purpose.
Pre. 51P-1.102. History of planned development districts.
Pre. 51P-1.103. Interpretations.
Pre. 51P-1.104. Definitions.


PD 1.

Sec. 51P-1.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-1.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-1.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-1.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-1.105.
Surface materials.
Sec. 51P-1.106. Parking.
Sec. 51P-1.107. Signs.
Sec. 51P-1.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-1.109. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-1.110. Overnight stay.
Sec. 51P-1.111. Stories.
Sec. 51P-1.112. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-1.113. Second story window regulations.
Sec. 51P-1.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-1.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-1.116. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-1.117. Plans.


PD 2.

Sec. 51P-2.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-2.102. Property location.


PD 3.

Sec. 51P-3.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-3.102. Property location.


PD 4.

Sec. 51P-4.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-4.102. Property location.


PD 5.

Sec. 51P-5.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-5.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-5.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-5.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-5.105. Platting.
Sec. 51P-5.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-5.107. Entrances.
Sec. 51P-5.108. Streets.
Sec. 51P-5.109. Dedications.
Sec. 51P-5.110. Service roads.
Sec. 51P-5.111.
Building lines.
Sec. 51P-5.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-5.113. Zoning maps.
Sec. 51P-5.114. Plan history.


PD 6.

Sec. 51P-6.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-6.102. Property location.


PD 7.

Sec. 51P-7.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-7.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-7.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-7.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-7.105. Parking.
Sec. 51P-7.106. Paving and construction.
Sec. 51P-7.107. Building heights.
Sec. 51P-7.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-7.109. Landscaping on Tract III.
Sec. 51P-7.110. Floor area on Tract III.
Sec. 51P-7.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-7.112. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-7.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-7.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-7.115. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-7.116. Plan.


PD 8.

Sec. 51P-8.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-8.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-8.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-8.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-8.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-8.106. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-8.107.
Sec. 51P-8.108. Apartment development.
Sec. 51P-8.109. Office development.
Sec. 51P-8.110. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-8.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-8.112. Access.
Sec. 51P-8.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-8.114. Parking.
Sec. 51P-8.115. Parcel conveyance.
Sec. 51P-8.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-8.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-8.118. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-8.119. Plans.


PD 9.

Sec. 51P-9.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-9.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-9.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-9.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-9.105. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-9.106. Parking regulations.
Sec. 51P-9.107. Sign regulations.
Sec. 51P-9.108. Paving requirements.
Sec. 51P-9.109. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-9.110. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-9.111. Plan.


PD 10.

Sec. 51P-10.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-10.102. Property location.


PD 11.

Sec. 51P-11.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-11.102. Property location.


PD 12.

Sec. 51P-12.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-12.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-12.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-12.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-12.105. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-12.106. Parking.
Sec. 51P-12.107. Paving.
Sec. 51P-12.108. Signs.
Sec. 51P-12.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-12.110. Conversion.
Sec. 51P-12.111. Dedications.
Sec. 51P-12.112.
Outside speakers.
Sec. 51P-12.113. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-12.114.
Paved alley.
Sec. 51P-12.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-12.116. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-12.117. Plan.


PD 13.

Sec. 51P-13.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-13.102. Property location.


PD 14.

Sec. 51P-14.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-14.102. Property location.


PD 15.

Sec. 51P-15.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-15.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-15.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-15.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-15.105. Density.
Sec. 51P-15.106. Fire safety.
Sec. 51P-15.107. Circulation at Pickwick Lane.
Sec. 51P-15.108. Traffic study.
Sec. 51P-15.109. Access to Diamond Head Circle.
Sec. 51P-15.110. Elevation.
Sec. 51P-15.111. Certificates of occupancy required.
Sec. 51P-15.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-15.113. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-15.114. Plan.


PD 16.

Sec. 51P-16.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-16.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-16.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-16.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-16.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-16.106.
Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-16.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-16.108. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-16.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-16.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-16.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-16.112. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-16.113. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-16.114. Paging devices and outdoor loudspeakers.
Sec. 51P-16.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-16.116. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-16.117. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-16.118. Zoning map.


PD 17.

Sec. 51P-17.101.
Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-17.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-17.103.
Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-17.104. Uses.
Sec. 51P-17.105. Parking.
Sec. 51P-17.106. Paving.
Sec. 51P-17.107. Signs.
Sec. 51P-17.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-17.109.
Sec. 51P-17.110. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-17.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-17.112. Plan.


PD 18.

Sec. 51P-18.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-18.102. Property location.


PD 19.

Sec. 51P-19.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-19.102. Property location.


PD 20.

Sec. 51P-20.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-20.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-20.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-20.104. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-20.105. Density.
Sec. 51P-20.106. Standards.
Sec. 51P-20.107. Development of residential lots.
Sec. 51P-20.108. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-20.109. Zoning map.
Sec. 51P-20.110. Plan.


PD 21.

Sec. 51P-21.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-21.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-21.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-21.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-21.105. Direction of facing.
Sec. 51P-21.106. Buildable area.
Sec. 51P-21.107. Rear yard.
Sec. 51P-21.108. Side yard.
Sec. 51P-21.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-21.110. Subdivision.
Sec. 51P-21.111. Density.
Sec. 51P-21.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-21.113. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-21.114. Minimum unit area.
Sec. 51P-21.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-21.116. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-21.117. Access to parking.
Sec. 51P-21.118. Height of building walls.
Sec. 51P-21.119. Swimming pool cover.
Sec. 51P-21.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-21.121. Zoning map.


PD 22.

Sec. 51P-22.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-22.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-22.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-22.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-22.105. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-22.106. Surfacing.
Sec. 51P-22.107. Signs.
Sec. 51P-22.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-22.109. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-22.110. Conversion or expansion.
Sec. 51P-22.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-22.112. Zoning map.


PD 23.

Sec. 51P-23.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-23.102. Property location.


PD 24.

Sec. 51P-24.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-24.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-24.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-24.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-24.105. Site/landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-24.106. Subdivision.
Sec. 51P-24.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-24.108. Maintenance responsibility.
Sec. 51P-24.109. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-24.110. Access/paving requirements.
Sec. 51P-24.111.
Fire lane requirements.
Sec. 51P-24.112. Day nursery.
Sec. 51P-24.113. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-24.114.
Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-24.115. Zoning map.


PD 25.

Sec. 51P-25.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-25.102. Property location.


PD 26.

Sec. 51P-26.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-26.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-26.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-26.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-26.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-26.106. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-26.107. Construction.
Sec. 51P-26.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-26.109. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-26.110.
Flood plain prefix.
Sec. 51P-26.111. Section 10-631 applies.
Sec. 51P-26.112.
Sec. 51P-26.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-26.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-26.115.
Zoning map.


PD 27.

Sec. 51P-27.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-27.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-27.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-27.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-27.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-27.106. Building lines.
Sec. 51P-27.107. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-27.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-27.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-27.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-27.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-27.112. Zoning map.


PD 28.

Sec. 51P-28.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-28.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-28.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-28.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-28.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-28.106. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-28.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-28.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-28.109. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-28.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-28.111. Screening and landscaping.
Sec. 51P-28.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-28.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-28.114. Zoning map.


PD 29.

Sec. 51P-29.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-29.102. Property location.
Sec. 51P-29.103. Rezoning of PD 29


PD 30.

Sec. 51P-30.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-30.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-30.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-30.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-30.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-30.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-30.107. Screening.
Sec. 51P-30.108. Access.
Sec. 51P-30.109. Subdivision.
Sec. 51P-30.110. Homeowners’ Association required.
Sec. 51P-30.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-30.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-30.113. Zoning map.


PD 31.

Sec. 51P-31.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-31.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-31.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-31.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-31.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-31.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-31.107. Screening.
Sec. 51P-31.108.
Sec. 51P-31.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-31.110. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-31.111. Zoning map.


PD 32.

Sec. 51P-32.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-32.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-32.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-32.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-32.105.
Sec. 51P-32.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-32.107. Additional regulations for day nursery.
Sec. 51P-32.108. Platting and dedications.
Sec. 51P-32.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-32.110. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-32.111. Zoning map.


PD 33.

Sec. 51P-33.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-33.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-33.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-33.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-33.105. Subdivision.
Sec. 51P-33.106.
Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-33.107. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-33.108. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-33.109. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-33.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-33.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-33.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-33.113. Zoning map.


PD 34.

Sec. 51P-34.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-34.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-34.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-34.104.
Development plan.
Sec. 51P-34.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-34.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-34.107. Development schedule.
Sec. 51P-34.108. Subdivision.
Sec. 51P-34.109. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-34.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-34.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-34.112. Zoning map.


PD 35.

Sec. 51P-35.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-35.102. Property location.


PD 36.

Sec. 51P-36.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-36.102. Property location.


PD 37.

Sec. 51P-37.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-37.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-37.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-37.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-37.105. Building site approval.
Sec. 51P-37.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-37.107. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-37.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-37.109. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-37.110.
Landscaping required on Tract IIC.
Sec. 51P-37.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-37.112. Zoning map.


PD 38.

Sec. 51P-38.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-38.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-38.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-38.104. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-38.105. Apartment development.
Sec. 51P-38.106. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-38.107. Vehicular access.
Sec. 51P-38.108. Paving and utilities.
Sec. 51P-38.109. Visual barrier of trees.
Sec. 51P-38.110. Drainage.
Sec. 51P-38.111. SUP No. 373.
Sec. 51P-38.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-38.113. Zoning map.


PD 39.

Sec. 51P-39.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-39.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-39.103.
Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-39.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-39.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-39.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-39.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-39.108. Fire lanes and utility easements.
Sec. 51P-39.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-39.110. Compliance with Ordinance No. 10104.
Sec. 51P-39.111.
Sec. 51P-39.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-39.113. Zoning map.


PD 41.

Sec. 51P-41.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-41.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-41.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-41.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-41.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-41.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-41.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-41.108. Drainage.
Sec. 51P-41.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-41.110. Subdivision plan.
Sec. 51P-41.111. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-41.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-41.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-41.114. Zoning map.


PD 42.

Sec. 51P-42.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-42.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-42.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-42.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-42.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-42.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-42.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-42.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-42.109. Subdivision plan.
Sec. 51P-42.110. Traffic.
Sec. 51P-42.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-42.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-42.113. Zoning map.


PD 43.

Sec. 51P-43.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-43.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-43.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-43.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-43.105. Lot area.
Sec. 51P-43.106. Lot width.
Sec. 51P-43.107. Lot depth.
Sec. 51P-43.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-43.109. Front yard.
Sec. 51P-43.110. Side yard.
Sec. 51P-43.111. Attached homes.
Sec. 51P-43.112. Streets.
Sec. 51P-43.113. Plats.
Sec. 51P-43.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-43.115. Zoning map.


PD 44.

Sec. 51P-44.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-44.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-44.103.
Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-44.104. Development plans.
Sec. 51P-44.105. Subdivision plan.
Sec. 51P-44.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-44.107. Restaurant standards.
Sec. 51P-44.108. Maximum height or stories.
Sec. 51P-44.109. Lot size.
Sec. 51P-44.110. Density.
Sec. 51P-44.111. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-44.112. Building location and spacing.
Sec. 51P-44.113.
Yard requirements.
Sec. 51P-44.114. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-44.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-44.116. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-44.117. Screening.
Sec. 51P-44.118. Access.
Sec. 51P-44.119. Building exterior.
Sec. 51P-44.120. Open space.
Sec. 51P-44.121. Dedications.
Sec. 51P-44.122. Paving.
Sec. 51P-44.123. Utilities and drainage.
Sec. 51P-44.124. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-44.125. Pedestrian walkways.
Sec. 51P-44.126. Refuse containment.
Sec. 51P-44.127. Property owners’ association required.
Sec. 51P-44.128. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-44.129. Carports.
Sec. 51P-44.130. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-44.131. Zoning map.


PD 45.

Sec. 51P-45.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-45.102. Property location.


PD 46.

Sec. 51P-46.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-46.102. Property location.


PD 47.

Sec. 51P-47.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-47.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-47.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-47.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-47.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-47.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-47.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-47.108. Buildable area.
Sec. 51P-47.109. Front yard.
Sec. 51P-47.110. Side yard.
Sec. 51P-47.111. Rear yard.
Sec. 51P-47.112. Height.
Sec. 51P-47.113. Building location.
Sec. 51P-47.114. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-47.115. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-47.116. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-47.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-47.118. Zoning map.


PD 48.

Sec. 51P-48.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-48.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-48.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-48.104. Site plan/deed restrictions.
Sec. 51P-48.105. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-48.106. Private street/drives.
Sec. 51P-48.107. Ingress/egress.
Sec. 51P-48.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-48.109. Townhouse story limit.
Sec. 51P-48.110. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-48.111. Wall surfaces.
Sec. 51P-48.112. Fence.
Sec. 51P-48.113.
Sec. 51P-48.114. Fire hydrants.
Sec. 51P-48.115. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-48.116. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-48.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-48.118. Zoning map.


PD 49.

Sec. 51P-49.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-49.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-49.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-49.104. Conceptual, development, and landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-49.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-49.106. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-49.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-49.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-49.109. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-49.110. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-49.111. Drainage and utility requirements.
Sec. 51P-49.112. Easements.
Sec. 51P-49.113. Density.
Sec. 51P-49.114. Street paving and dedication.
Sec. 51P-49.115. Approval by all departments.
Sec. 51P-49.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-49.117. Uses.
Sec. 51P-49.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-49.119. Zoning map.


PD 50.

Sec. 51P-50.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-50.102. Property locations and size.
Sec. 51P-50.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-50.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-50.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-50.106. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-50.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-50.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-50.109. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-50.110. Building sites.
Sec. 51P-50.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-50.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-50.113. Standards for streets and parking courts.
Sec. 51P-50.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-50.115. Utilities.
Sec. 51P-50.116. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-50.117. Common open space required.
Sec. 51P-50.118. Subdivision plan.
Sec. 51P-50.119. Property owners’ association required.
Sec. 51P-50.120. Development schedule.
Sec. 51P-50.121. Recreation buildings.
Sec. 51P-50.122. Pedestrianway.
Sec. 51P-50.123. Screening walls.
Sec. 51P-50.124. Paving.
Sec. 51P-50.125. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-50.126. Zoning map.


PD 51.

Sec. 51P-51.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-51.102. Property location.


PD 52.

Sec. 51P-52.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-52.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-52.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-52.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-52.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-52.106. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-52.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-52.108. Lot width.
Sec. 51P-52.109. Lot depth.
Sec. 51P-52.110. Density.
Sec. 51P-52.111. Building location and spacing.
Sec. 51P-52.112. Front yard setback.
Sec. 51P-52.113. Rear yard setback.
Sec. 51P-52.114. Side yard setback.
Sec. 51P-52.115.
Sec. 51P-52.116. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-52.117. Fences and garden walls.
Sec. 51P-52.118. Screening wall.
Sec. 51P-52.119. Access.
Sec. 51P-52.120. Paving.
Sec. 51P-52.121. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-52.122. Private community center.
Sec. 51P-52.123. Property owners’ association.
Sec. 51P-52.124. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-52.125. Zoning map.


PD 53.

Sec. 51P-53.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-53.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-53.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-53.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-53.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-53.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-53.107. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-53.108. Density.
Sec. 51P-53.109. Lot area.
Sec. 51P-53.110. Yards.
Sec. 51P-53.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-53.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-53.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-53.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-53.115. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-53.116. Departmental requirements.
Sec. 51P-53.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-53.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-53.119. Zoning map.


PD 54.

Sec. 51P-54.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-54.102. Property location.


PD 55.

Sec. 51P-55.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-55.102. Property location.


PD 56.

Sec. 51P-56.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-56.102. Property location.


PD 57.

Sec. 51P-57.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-57.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-57.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-57.104. Boundaries of planned development.
Sec. 51P-57.105. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-57.106. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-57.107. Standards.
Sec. 51P-57.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-57.109. Maximum height and stories.
Sec. 51P-57.110. Density.
Sec. 51P-57.111. Landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-57.112. Fences and garden walls.
Sec. 51P-57.113. Screening wall.
Sec. 51P-57.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-57.115. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-57.116. Private community center.
Sec. 51P-57.117. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-57.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-57.119. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-57.120. Access.
Sec. 51P-57.121. Bridges.
Sec. 51P-57.122. Regulations for Wellington Development.
Sec. 51P-57.123. Regulations for Pierremont Development.
Sec. 51P-57.124. Medium improvements.
Sec. 51P-57.125. Visual obstruction.
Sec. 51P-57.126. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-57.127. Street and paving.
Sec. 51P-57.128. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-57.129. Zoning map.


PD 58.

Sec. 51P-58.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-58.102. Property location.


PD 59.

Sec. 51P-59.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-59.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-59.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-59.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-59.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-59.106. Height.
Sec. 51P-59.107. Screening.
Sec. 51P-59.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-59.109. Helistop.
Sec. 51P-59.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-59.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-59.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-59.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-59.114. Zoning map.


PD 60.

Sec. 51P-60.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-60.102. Property location.


PD 61.

Sec. 51P-61.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-61.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-61.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-61.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-61.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-61.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-61.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-61.108. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-61.109. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-61.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-61.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-61.112. Setback.
Sec. 51P-61.113. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-61.114. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-61.115. Access.
Sec. 51P-61.116. Standards.
Sec. 51P-61.117. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-61.118. Deed restrictions.
Sec. 51P-61.119. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-61.120. Parking.
Sec. 51P-61.121. Attendant house.
Sec. 51P-61.122. Paving.
Sec. 51P-61.123. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-61.124. Zoning map.


PD 63.

Sec. 51P-63.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-63.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-63.103. Definitions.
Sec. 51P-63.104. Interpretations.
Sec. 51P-63.105. Reconciliation with Ordinance No. 17285 and the Dallas Development Code.
Sec. 51P-63.106. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-63.107. Graphics.
Sec. 51P-63.108. Enforcement.
Sec. 51P-63.109. Penalty.
Sec. 51P-63.110. Review procedures for certificates of appropriateness.
Sec. 51P-63.111. Notice requirements.
Sec. 51P-63.112. Procedural changes when notice is required.
Sec. 51P-63.113. Creation of areas.
Sec. 51P-63.114. Use regulations for Area A.
Sec. 51P-63.115. Development standards for Area A.
Sec. 51P-63.116. Preservation criteria for Area A.
Sec. 51P-63.117. Use regulations for Area B.
Sec. 51P-63.118. Development standards for Area B.
Sec. 51P-63.119. Preservation criteria for Area B.
Sec. 51P-63.120. Use regulations for Area C.
Sec. 51P-63.121. Development standards for Area C.
Sec. 51P-63.122. Preservation criteria for Area C.
Sec. 51P-63.123. Use regulations for Area D.
Sec. 51P-63.124. Development standards for Area D.
Sec. 51P-63.125. Preservation criteria for Area D.
Sec. 51P-63.126. Use regulations for Area E.
Sec. 51P-63.127. Development standards for Area E.
Sec. 51P-63.128. Preservation criteria for Area E.
Sec. 51P-63.129. Use regulations for Area F.
Sec. 51P-63.130. Development standards for Area F.
Sec. 51P-63.131. Preservation criteria for Area F.
Sec. 51P-63.132. Building official.
Sec. 51P-63.133. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-63.134. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-63.135. Zoning map.


PD 64.

Sec. 51P-64.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-64.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-64.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-64.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-64.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-64.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-64.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-64.108. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-64.109. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-64.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-64.111. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-64.112. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-64.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-64.114. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-64.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-64.116. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-64.117. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-64.118. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-64.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-64.120. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-64.121.
Zoning map.


PD 65.

Sec. 51P-65.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-65.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-65.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-65.104. Tracts and subareas.
Sec. 51P-65.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-65.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-65.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-65.108. Density.
Sec. 51P-65.109. Floor areas.
Sec. 51P-65.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-65.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-65.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-65.113. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-65.114. Streets, paving, and dedications.
Sec. 51P-65.115. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-65.116. Access to Tract II.
Sec. 51P-65.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-65.118. Zoning map.


PD 66.

Sec. 51P-66.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-66.102. Property location.


PD 67.

Sec. 51P-67.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-67.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-67.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-67.104. Tracts.
Sec. 51P-67.105. Tract I uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-67.106. Tract II uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-67.107. Tract III uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-67.108. Tract IV uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-67.109. Tract V uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-67.110. Development of vacant area and redevelopment of existing structures on Tracts I,
. III, and V.
Sec. 51P-67.111. Variance procedure.
Sec. 51P-67.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-67.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-67.114. Zoning map.


PD 68.

Sec. 51P-68.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-68.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-68.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-68.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-68.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-68.106. Parking.
Sec. 51P-68.107. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-68.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-68.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-68.110. Proposed building for the education center, guest house, and guest quarters.
Sec. 51P-68.111. Lakes.
Sec. 51P-68.112. Access.
Sec. 51P-68.113. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-68.114. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-68.115. Maintenance building and storage.
Sec. 51P-68.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-68.117. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-68.118. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-68.119. Zoning map.


PD 69.

Sec. 51P-69.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-69.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-69.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-69.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-69.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-69.106. Subdivision.
Sec. 51P-69.107. Height and stories.
Sec. 51P-69.108. Uses.
Sec. 51P-69.109. Traffic.
Sec. 51P-69.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-69.111. Garbage storage areas.
Sec. 51P-69.112. Screening.
Sec. 51P-69.113. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-69.114. Day care center.
Sec. 51P-69.115. Development schedule.
Sec. 51P-69.116. Cul-de-sac.
Sec. 51P-69.117. Brush removal.
Sec. 51P-69.118. Park equipment.
Sec. 51P-69.119. Signs.
Sec. 51P-69.120. Neighborhood privacy.
Sec. 51P-69.121. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-69.122. Paving.
Sec. 51P-69.123. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-69.124. Zoning map.


PD 70.

Sec. 51P-70.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-70.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-70.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-70.104. Conceptual, development, and landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-70.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-70.106. Automotive related uses.
Sec. 51P-70.107. Maximum height and stories.
Sec. 51P-70.108. Building location and spacing.
Sec. 51P-70.109. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-70.110. Residential lot depth and area.
Sec. 51P-70.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-70.112. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-70.113. Streets, paving, and dedications.
Sec. 51P-70.114. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-70.115. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-70.116. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-70.117. Sprinkler system.
Sec. 51P-70.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-70.119. Screening wall.
Sec. 51P-70.120. Type of construction.
Sec. 51P-70.121. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-70.122. Issuance of a certificate of occupancy.
Sec. 51P-70.123. Deed restrictions.
Sec. 51P-70.124. Compliance with codes and conditions.
Sec. 51P-70.125. Zoning map.


PD 71.

Sec. 51P-71.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-71.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-71.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-71.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-71.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-71.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-71.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-71.108. Lot area.
Sec. 51P-71.109. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-71.110.
Streets, paving, and dedications.
Sec. 51P-71.111. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-71.112. Screening.
Sec. 51P-71.113. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-71.114. Street lighting.
Sec. 51P-71.115. Access.
Sec. 51P-71.116. Signs.
Sec, 51P-71.117. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-71.118. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-71.119. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-71.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-71.121. General development regulations.
Sec. 51P-71.122. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-71.123. Zoning map.


PD 72.

Sec. 51P-72.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-72.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-72.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-72.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-72.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-72.106. Development regulations.
Sec. 51P-72.107. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-72.108. Sprinkler system.
Sec. 51P-72.109. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-72.110. Fences.
Sec. 51P-72.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-72.112. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-72.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-72.114. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-72.115. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-72.116.
Automobile storage.
Sec. 51P-72.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-72.118. Zoning map.


PD 73.

Sec. 51P-73.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-73.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-73.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-73.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-73.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-73.106. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-73.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-73.108. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-73.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-73.110. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-73.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-73.112. Site coverage.
Sec. 51P-73.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-73.114. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-73.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-73.116. Zoning map.


PD 74.

Sec. 51P-74.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-74.102. Property location.


PD 75.

Sec. 51P-75.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-75.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-75.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-75.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-75.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-75.106. Development in general.
Sec. 51P-75.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-75.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-75.109. Drainage and utility requirements.
Sec. 51P-75.110. Fire department requirements.
Sec. 51P-75.111. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-75.112. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-75.113. Construction material.
Sec. 51P-75.114.
Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-75.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-75.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-75.117. Zoning map.


PD 76.

Sec. 51P-76.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-76.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-76.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-76.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-76.105. Uses permitted and square footage of each.
Sec. 51P-76.106. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-76.107. Building height.
Sec. 51P-76.108. Signs.
Sec. 51P-76.109.
Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-76.110. Drainage and utility requirements.
Sec. 51P-76.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-76.112. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-76.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-76.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-76.115. Zoning map.


PD 77.

Sec. 51P-77.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-77.102. Property location.


PD 78.

Sec. 51P-78.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-78.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-78.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-78.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-78.105. Development schedule.
Sec. 51P-78.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-78.107. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-78.108. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-78.109. Density.
Sec. 51P-78.110. Building standards.
Sec. 51P-78.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-78.112. Dedication.
Sec. 51P-78.113. Circulation.
Sec. 51P-78.114. Floodway easement line.
Sec. 51P-78.115. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-78.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-78.117. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-78.118. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-78.119. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-78.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-78.121. Paving.
Sec. 51P-78.122. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-78.123. Zoning map.


PD 79.

Sec. 51P-79.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-79.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-79.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-79.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-79.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-79.106. Street dedication.
Sec. 51P-79.107. Uses allowed.
Sec. 51P-79.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-79.109. Parking.
Sec. 51P-79.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-79.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-79.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-79.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-79.114. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-79.115. Access.
Sec. 51P-79.116. Fire lane.
Sec. 51P-79.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-79.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-79.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-79.120. Zoning map.


PD 80.

Sec. 51P-80.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-80.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-80.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-80.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-80.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-80.106. Compliance with plans.
Sec. 51P-80.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-80.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-80.109. Fire department requirements.
Sec. 51P-80.110.
Drainage and utility requirements.
Sec. 51P-80.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-80.112. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-80.113. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-80.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-80.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-80.116. Street and paving.
Sec. 51P-80.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-80.118. Zoning map.


PD 81.

Sec. 51P-81.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-81.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-81.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-81.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-81.105. Parking.
Sec. 51P-81.106. Signs.
Sec. 51P-81.107. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-81.108. Zoning map.


PD 82.

Sec. 51P-82.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-82.102. Property location.


PD 83.

Sec. 51P-83.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-83.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-83.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-83.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-83.105. Parking.
Sec. 51P-83.106. Fire protection.
Sec. 51P-83.107. Signs.
Sec. 51P-83.108. Uses.
Sec. 51P-83.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-83.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-83.111. Zoning map.


PD. 84.

Sec. 51P-84.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-84.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-84.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-84.104. Development/conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-84.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-84.106. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-84.107. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-84.108. Drainage area.
Sec. 51P-84.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-84.110. Signs.
Sec, 51P-84.111. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-84.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-84.113. Zoning map.


PD 85.

Sec. 51P-85.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-85.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-85.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-85.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-85.105.
Development plan.
Sec. 51P-85.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-85.107. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-85.108. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-85.109. Apartment units.
Sec. 51P-85.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-85.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-85.112. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-85.113. Height.
Sec. 51P-85.114. Retail and office development.
Sec. 51P-85.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-85.116. Flood plain.
Sec. 51P-85.117. Zoning map.


PD 86.

Sec. 51P-86.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-86.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-86.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-86.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-86.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-86.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-86.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-86.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-86.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-86.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-86.111. Open space.
Sec. 51P-86.112. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-86.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-86.114. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-86.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-86.116. Zoning map.


PD 87.

Sec. 51P-87.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-87.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-87.103. Reconciliation with other ordinances.
Sec. 51P-87.104. Interpretations.
Sec. 51P-87.105. Definitions.
Sec. 51P-87.106. Review procedures for certificates of appropriateness.
Sec. 51P-87.107. Notice requirements.
Sec. 51P-87.108. Procedural changes when notice is required.
Sec. 51P-87.109. Use regulations for Tract I.
Sec. 51P-87.110.
Development standards for Tract I.
Sec. 51P-87.111. Preservation criteria for Tract I.
Sec. 51P-87.112. Use regulations for Tract II.
Sec. 51P-87.113. Development standards for Tract II.
Sec. 51P-87.114. Preservation criteria for Tract II.
Sec. 51P-87.115. Use regulations for Tract III, Tract III(a), and Tract III(b).
Sec. 51P-87.116. Development standards for Tract III, Tract III(a), and Tract III(b).
Sec. 51P-87.117. Preservation criteria for Tract III, Tract III(a), and Tract III(b).
Sec. 51P-87.118. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-87.119. Graphics.
Sec. 51P-87.120. Enforcement.
Sec. 51P-87.121. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-87.122. Building official.
Sec. 51P-87.123. Zoning map.


PD 88.

Sec. 51P-88.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-88.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-88.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-88.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-88.105. Development plans.
Sec. 51P-88.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-88.107. Escarpment area.
Sec. 51P-88.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-88.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-88.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-88.111. Uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-88.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-88.113. Zoning map.


PD 89.

Sec. 51P-89.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-89.102. Property location.


PD 90.

Sec. 51P-90.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-90.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-90.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-90.104. Site analysis plan.
Sec. 51P-90.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-90.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-90.107. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-90.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-90.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-90.110. Fire department requirements.
Sec. 51P-90.111. Food preparation facilities.
Sec. 51P-90.112. Uses and academic program.
Sec. 51P-90.113. Uses by Tract and development standards.
Sec. 51P-90.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-90.115. Zoning map.


PD 91.

Sec. 51P-91.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-91.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-91.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-91.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-91.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-91.106. Subdivisions.
Sec. 51P-91.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-91.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-91.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-91.110. Street dedication.
Sec. 51P-91.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-91.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-91.113. Height.
Sec. 51P-91.114. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-91.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-91.116. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-91.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-91.118. Zoning map.


PD 92.

Sec. 51P-92.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-92.102. Property location.


PD 93.

Sec. 51P-93.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-93.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-93.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-93.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-93.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-93.106. Subdivisions.
Sec. 51P-93.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-93.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-93.109. Landscaping and screening.
Sec. 51P-93.110. Street dedication.
Sec. 51P-93.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-93.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-93.113. Height.
Sec. 51P-93.114. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-93.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-93.116. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-93.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-93.118.
Zoning map.


PD 94.

Sec. 51P-94.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-94.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-94.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-94.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-94.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-94.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-94.107. General regulations.
Sec. 51P-94.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-94.109. Sprinkler system.
Sec. 51P-94.110. Fences.
Sec. 51P-94.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-94.112. Fire lanes.
Sec. 51P-94.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-94.114. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-94.115. Lights.
Sec. 51P-94.116. Certificate of occupancy.
Sec. 51P-94.117. Drainage.
Sec. 51P-94.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-94.119. Zoning map.


PD 95.

Sec. 51P-95.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-95.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-95.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-95.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-95.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-95.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-95.107. Uses and development.
Sec. 51P-95.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-95.109. Ingress-egress.
Sec. 51P-95.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-95.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-95.112. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-95.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-95.114. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-95.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-95.116. Zoning map.


PD 96.

Sec. 51P-96.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-96.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-96.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-96.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-96.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-96.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-96.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-96.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-96.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-96.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-96.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-96.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-96.113. Zoning map.


PD 97.

Sec. 51P-97.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-97.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-97.103. Creation of tracts.
Sec. 51P-97.104. Reconciliation with other ordinances.
Sec. 51P-97.105. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-97.106. Review procedures for certificates of appropriateness.
Sec. 51P-97.107. Appeal to city plan commission.
Sec. 51P-97.108. Notice requirements.
Sec. 51P-97.109. Procedural changes when notice is required.
Sec. 51P-97.110. Special Reiger Avenue properties.
Sec. 51P-97.111. Use regulations, development standards, and preservation criteria for Tract A
. (single family dwellings; Prairie style architecture).
Sec. 51P-97.112. Use regulations, development standards, and preservation criteria for Tract B
. (multifamily dwellings; Prairie style architecture).
Sec. 51P-97.113. Use regulations, development standards, and preservation criteria for Tract C
. (single family dwellings; Victorian style architecture).
Sec. 51P-97.114. Use regulations, development standards, and preservation criteria for Tract D
. (Collett retail).
Sec. 51P-97.115. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-97.116. Enforcement.
Sec. 51P-97.117. General provisions.
Sec. 51P-97.118. Repealer.
Sec. 51P-97.119. Zoning map.


PD 98.

Sec. 51P-98.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-98.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-98.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-98.104. Land use map.
Sec. 51P-98.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-98.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-98.107. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-98.108. Establishment of Tracts A and B.
Sec. 51P-98.109. Use regulations and development standards for Tract A.
Sec. 51P-98.110. Use regulations for Tract B.
Sec. 51P-98.111.
Sec. 51P-98.112. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-98.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-98.114. Zoning map.


PD 99.

Sec. 51P-99.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-99.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-99.103. Purpose.
Sec. 51P-99.104. Definitions.
Sec. 51P-99.105. Interpretations.
Sec. 51P-99.106. Creation of areas.
Sec. 51P-99.107. General development standards.
Sec. 51P-99.108. Permitted uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-99.109. Architectural provisions.
Sec. 51P-99.110. Review procedures.
Sec. 51P-99.111. Appeals.
Sec. 51P-99.112. Notice of hearing.
Sec. 51P-99.113. Maintenance of the property required.
Sec. 51P-99.114. Compliance with all other laws.
Sec. 51P-99.115. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-99.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-99.117. Zoning map.


PD 100.

Sec. 51P-100.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-100.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-100.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-100.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-100.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-100.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-100.107. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-100.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-100.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-100.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-100.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-100.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-100.113. Street dedication.
Sec. 51P-100.114. Screening and landscaping.
Sec. 51P-100.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-100.116. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-100.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-100.118. Zoning map.


PD 101.

Sec. 51P-101.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-101.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-101.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-101.104. Conceptual or development plan.
Sec. 51P-101.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-101.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-101.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-101.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-101.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-101.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-101.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-101.112. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-101.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-101.114. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-101.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-101.116. Zoning map.


PD 102.

Sec. 51P-102.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-102.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-102.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-102.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-102.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-102.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-102.107. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-102.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-102.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-102.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-102.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-102.112. Street dedication.
Sec. 51P-102.113. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-102.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-102.115. Street and paving.
Sec. 51P-102.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-102.117. Zoning map.


PD 103.

Sec. 51P-103.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-103.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-103.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-103.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-103.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-103.106. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-103.107. Flood plain.
Sec. 51P-103.108. Signs.
Sec. 51P-103.109. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-103.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-103.111. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-103.112.
Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-103.113. Zoning map.


PD 104.

Sec. 51P-104.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-104.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-104.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-104.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-104.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-104.106. Maximum building heights.
Sec. 51P-104.107. Minimum setback.
Sec. 51P-104.108. Screening regulations.
Sec. 51P-104.109. Landscape regulations.
Sec. 51P-104.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-104.111. Utilities.
Sec. 51P-104.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-104.113. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-104.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-104.115. Zoning map.


PD 105.

Sec. 51P-105.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-105.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-105.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-105.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-105.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-105.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-105.107. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-105.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-105.109. Maximum heights.
Sec. 51P-105.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-105.111. Screening regulations.
Sec. 51P-105.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-105.113. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-105.114. Development schedule.
Sec. 51P-105.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-105.116. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-105.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-105.118. Zoning map.


PD 106.

Sec. 51P-106.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-106.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-106.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-106.104. Creation of Tract A.
Sec. 51P-106.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-106.106. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-106.107. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-106.108. Use regulations and development standards for Tract A.
Sec. 51P-106.109. Filing fee.
Sec. 51P-106.110. Reconciliation of conflicts.
Sec. 51P-106.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-106.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-106.113. Zoning map.


PD 107.

Sec. 51P-107.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-107.102. Property location.
Sec. 51P-107.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-107.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-107.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-107.106. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-107.107. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-107.108. Maximum heights.
Sec. 51P-107.109. Density.
Sec. 51P-107.110. Dwellings.
Sec. 51P-107.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-107.112. Screening regulations.
Sec. 51P-107.113. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-107.114. Streets, alleys, and paving.
Sec. 51P-107.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-107.116. Zoning map.


PD 108.

Sec. 51P-108.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-108.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-108.103. Rezoning of PD 108.


PD 109.

Sec. 51P-109.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-109.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-109.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-109.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-109.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-109.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-109.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-109.108. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-109.109. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-109.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-109.111.
Sec. 51P-109.112. Height.
Sec. 51P-109.113. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-109.114. Parking.
Sec. 51P-109.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-109.116. Zoning map.


PD 110.

Sec. 51P-110.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-110.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-110.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-110.104. Conceptual, landscape, and development plans.
Sec. 51P-110.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-110.106. Building area.
Sec. 51P-110.107. Maximum heights.
Sec. 51P-110.108. Density.
Sec. 51P-110.109. Parking.
Sec. 51P-110.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-110.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-110.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-110.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-110.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-110.115. Zoning map.


PD 111.

Sec. 51P-111.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-111.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-111.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-111.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-111.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-111.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-111.107. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-111.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-111.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-111.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-111.111. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-111.112. Density.
Sec. 51P-111.113. Dwellings.
Sec. 51P-111.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-111.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-111.116. Tennis house.
Sec. 51P-111.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-111.118.
Zoning map.


PD 112.

Sec. 51P-112.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-112.102. Property location.


PD 113.

Sec. 51P-113.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-113.102. Property location.


PD 114.

Sec. 51P-114.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-114.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-114.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-114.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-114.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-114.106. Uses, use regulations, and densities.
Sec. 51P-114.107. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-114.108. Building setback.
Sec. 51P-114.109. Floor area conversions.
Sec. 51P-114.110. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-114.111. Phased office parking limit.
Sec. 51P-114.112. “No parking” signs.
Sec. 51P-114.113. Street improvements.
Sec. 51P-114.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-114.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-114.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-114.117. Transportation systems management.
Sec. 51P-114.118. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-114.119. Property owners association implementation plan.
Sec. 51P-114.120. Ordinance No. 16427.
Sec. 51P-114.121. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-114.122. Zoning map.


PD 115.

Sec. 51P-115.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-115.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-115.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-115.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-115.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-115.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-115.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-115.108. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-115.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-115.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-115.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-115.112. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-115.113. Parking.
Sec. 51P-115.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-115.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-115.116. Zoning map.


PD 116.

Sec. 51P-116.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-116.102. Property location.


PD 117.

Sec. 51P-117.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-117.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-117.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-117.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-117.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-117.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-117.107.
Sec. 51P-117.108. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-117.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-117.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-117.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-117.112. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-117.113. Parking.
Sec. 51P-117.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-117.115. Zoning map.


PD 118.

Sec. 51P-118.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-118.102. Property location.


PD 120.

Sec. 51P-120.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-120.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-120.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-120.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-120.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-120.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-120.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-120.108. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-120.109. Density.
Sec. 51P-120.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-120.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-120.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-120.113. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-120.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-120.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-120.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-120.117. Zoning map.


PD 121.

Sec. 51P-121.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-121.102. Property location and history.
Sec. 51P-121.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-121.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-121.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-121.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-121.107. Uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-121.108. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-121.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-121.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-121.111. Open space.
Sec. 51P-121.112. Drainage requirements.
Sec. 51P-121.113. Landscape for Building A.
Sec. 51P-121.114. Sidewalks and paving.
Sec. 51P-121.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-121.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-121.117. Zoning map.


PD 122.

Sec. 51P-122.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-122.102. Property location.


PD 123.

Sec. 51P-123.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-123.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-123.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-123.104. Development/conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-123.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-123.106. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-123.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-123.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-123.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-123.110. Enrollment.
Sec. 51P-123.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-123.112. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-123.113. Streets, alleys, and paving.
Sec. 51P-123.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-123.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-123.116. Zoning map.


PD 124.

Sec. 51P-124.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-124.102. Property location.


PD 125.

Sec. 51P-125.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-125.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-125.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-125.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-125.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-125.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-125.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-125.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-125.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-125.110. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-125.111. Walls.
Sec. 51P-125.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-125.113. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-125.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-125.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-125.116. Zoning map.


PD 126.

Sec. 51P-126.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-126.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-126.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-126.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-126.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-126.106. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-126.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-126.108. Ingress/egress.
Sec. 51P-126.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-126.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-126.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-126.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-126.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-126.114. Zoning map.


PD 127.

Sec. 51P-127.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-127.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-127.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-127.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-127.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-127.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-127.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-127.108. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-127.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-127.110. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-127.111. Zoning map.


PD 128.

Sec. 51P-128.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-128.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-128.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-128.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-128.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-128.106. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-128.107. Reserved.
Sec. 51P-128.108. Platting.
Sec. 51P-128.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-128.110. Fire department requirements.
Sec. 51P-128.111. Drainage and utility requirements.
Sec. 51P-128.112. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-128.113. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-128.114. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-128.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-128.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-128.117. Zoning map.


PD 129.

Sec. 51P-129.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-129.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-129.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-129.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-129.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-129.106. Use.
Sec. 51P-129.107. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-129.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-129.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-129.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-129.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-129.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-129.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-129.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-129.115. Zoning map.


PD 130.

Sec. 51P-130.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-130.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-130.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-130.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-130.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-130.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-130.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-130.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-130.109. Building area.
Sec. 51P-130.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-130.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-130.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-130.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-130.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-130.115. Zoning map.


PD 131.

Sec. 51P-131.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-131.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-131.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-131.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-131.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-131.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-131.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-131.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-131.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-131.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-131.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-131.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-131.113. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-131.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-131.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-131.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-131.117. Zoning map.


PD 132.

Sec. 51P-132.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-132.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-132.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-132.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-132.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-132.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-132.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-132.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-132.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-132.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-132.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-132.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-132.113. Zoning map.


PD 133.

Sec. 51P-133.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-133.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-133.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-133.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-133.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-133.106. Height.
Sec. 51P-133.107.
Sec. 51P-133.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-133.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-133.110. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-133.111. Zoning map.


PD 134.

Sec. 51P-134.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-134.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-134.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-134.104. Land use map.
Sec. 51P-134.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-134.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-134.107. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-134.108. Zoning map.


PD 135.

Sec. 51P-135.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-135.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-135.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-135.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-135.105. Development plan and landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-135.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-135.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-135.108. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-135.109. Parking.
Sec. 51P-135.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-135.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-135.112. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-135.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-135.114. Additional development standards.
Sec. 51P-135.115. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-135.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-135.117. Zoning map.


PD 136.

Sec. 51P-136.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-136.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-136.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-136.104. Land use map.
Sec. 51P-136.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-136.106. Development standards: residential single-family detached and duplex dwellings.
Sec. 51P-136.107. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-136.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-136.109. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-136.110. Zoning map.


PD 137.

Sec. 51P-137.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-137.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-137.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-137.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-137.105. Uses and floor area.
Sec. 51P-137.106. Building size.
Sec. 51P-137.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-137.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-137.109. Parking.
Sec. 51P-137.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-137.111. Deceleration lanes.
Sec. 51P-137.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-137.113. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-137.114. Building materials.
Sec. 51P-137.115. Special screening and visual screening.
Sec. 51P-137.116. Hours of operation.
Sec. 51P-137.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-137.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-137.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-137.120. Zoning map.


PD 138.

Sec. 51P-138.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-138.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-138.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-138.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-138.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-138.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-138.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-138.108. Minimum lot width.
Sec. 51P-138.109. Access to Kelly Springfield Road (Kelly Boulevard).
Sec. 51P-138.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-138.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-138.112. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-138.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-138.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-138.115. Zoning map.


PD 139.

Sec. 51P-139.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-139.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-139.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-139.104.
Development plan.
Sec. 51P-139.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-139.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-139.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-139.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-139.109. Ingress/egress.
Sec. 51P-139.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-139.111.
Sec. 51P-139.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-139.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-139.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-139.115. Zoning map.


PD 140.

Sec. 51P-140.101.
Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-140.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-140.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-140.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-140.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-140.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-140.107. Additional uses for Phase Two.
Sec. 51P-140.108.
Uses prohibited in Phase Two.
Sec. 51P-140.109. Permitted floor area.
Sec. 51P-140.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-140.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-140.112. Circulation plan.
Sec. 51P-140.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-140.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-140.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-140.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-140.117. Zoning map.


PD 141.

Sec. 51P-141.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-141.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-141.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-141.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-141.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-141.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-141.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-141.108. Stories and height.
Sec. 51P-141.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-141.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-141.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-141.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-141.113. Deceleration lane.
Sec. 51P-141.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-141.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-141.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-141.117. Zoning map.


PD 142.

Sec. 51P-142.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-142.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-142.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-142.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-142.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-142.106. Building height.
Sec. 51P-142.107. Front yard setback.
Sec. 51P-142.108. Side yard setback.
Sec. 51P-142.109. Rear yard setback.
Sec. 51P-142.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-142.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-142.112. Perimeter project walls.
Sec. 51P-142.113. Private streets and alleys.
Sec. 51P-142.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-142.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-142.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-142.117. Zoning map.


PD 143.

Sec. 51P-143.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-143.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-143.103. Definitions.
Sec. 51P-143.104. Interpretations.
Sec. 51P-143.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-143.106. Phase I, existing development.
Sec. 51P-143.107. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-143.108. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-143.109. Uses, floor area, height, and setbacks.
Sec. 51P-143.110. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-143.111. Special floor area restrictions.
Sec. 51P-143.112. Bar and restaurant uses and retail uses.
Sec. 51P-143.113. Development/street improvement staging.
Sec. 51P-143.114. Thistle Lane.
Sec. 51P-143.115. Access.
Sec. 51P-143.116. Private school classroom hours of operation.
Sec. 51P-143.117. Athletic fields.
Sec. 51P-143.118. Private school pick-up/drop off.
Sec. 51P-143.119. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-143.120. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-143.121. Fence.
Sec. 51P-143.122. Signs.
Sec. 51P-143.123. Construction traffic.
Sec. 51P-143.124. Paving.
Sec. 51P-143.125. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-143.126. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-143.127. Zoning map.


PD 144.

Sec. 51P-144.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-144.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-144.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-144.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-144.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-144.106. Number of dwelling units permitted.
Sec. 51P-144.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-144.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-144.109. Development standards for Tract 1A.
Sec. 51P-144.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-144.111. Vehicular access.
Sec. 51P-144.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-144.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-144.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-144.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-144.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-144.117. Zoning map.


PD 145.

Sec. 51P-145.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-145.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-145.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-145.104. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-145.105. Development plan review for all development within the Dallas Arts District, except Subarea 1.
Sec. 51P-145.106. Board of adjustment.
Sec. 51P-145.107. Applicability of Section 51-4.702.
Sec. 51P-145.108. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-145.109. Private license granted in Subarea 1.
Sec. 51P-145.110. Parkway landscape and sign permit in Subarea 1.
Sec. 51P-145.111. Zoning map.


PD 146.

Sec. 51P-146.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-146.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-146.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-146.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-146.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-146.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-146.107. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-146.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-146.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-146.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-146.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-146.112. Zoning map.


PD 147.

Sec. 51P-147.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-147.102. Property location.


PD 148.

Sec. 51P-148.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-148.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-148.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-148.104. Development plans.
Sec. 51P-148.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-148.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-148.107. Yard, lot, and space requirements.
Sec. 51P-148.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-148.109. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-148.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-148.111. Access.
Sec. 51P-148.112. Development plan development schedule.
Sec. 51P-148.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-148.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-148.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-148.116. Zoning map.


PD 149.

Sec. 51P-149.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-149.102. Property location.


PD 150.

Sec. 51P-150.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-150.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-150.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-150.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-150.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-150.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-150.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-150.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-150.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-150.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-150.111. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-150.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-150.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-150.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-150.115. Zoning map.


PD 151.

Sec. 51P-151.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-151.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-151.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-151.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-151.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-151.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-151.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-151.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-151.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-151.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-151.111. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-151.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-151.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-151.114. Zoning map.


PD 152.

Sec. 51P-152.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-152.102. Property location.


PD 153.

Sec. 51P-153.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-153.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-153.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-153.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-153.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-153.106. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-153.107. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-153.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-153.109. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-153.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-153.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-153.112. Screening and landscaping.
Sec. 51P-153.113. Façade.
Sec. 51P-153.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-153.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-153.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-153.117. Zoning map.


PD 154.

Sec. 51P-154.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-154.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-154.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-154.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-154.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-154.106. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-154.107. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-154.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-154.109. Parking.
Sec. 51P-154.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-154.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-154.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-154.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-154.114. Zoning map.


PD 155.

Sec. 51P-155.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-155.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-155.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-155.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-155.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-155.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-155.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-155.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-155.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-155.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-155.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-155.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-155.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-155.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-155.115. Zoning map.


PD 156.

Sec. 51P-156.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-156.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-156.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-156.104. Development plan.
Sec, 51P-156.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-156.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-156.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-156.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-156.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-156.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-156.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-156.112. Pedestrian easement barrier.
Sec. 51P-156.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-156.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-156.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-156.116. Zoning map.


PD 157.

Sec. 51P-157.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-157.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-157.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-157.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-157.105. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-157.106. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-157.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-157.108. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-157.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-157.110. Screening and landscaping.
Sec. 51P-157.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-157.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-157.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-157.114. Zoning map.


PD 158.

Sec. 51P-158.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-158.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-158.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-158.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-158.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-158.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-158.107. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-158.108. Alley.
Sec. 51P-158.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-158.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-158.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-158.112. Zoning map.


PD 160.

Sec. 51P-160.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-160.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-160.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-160.104. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-160.105. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-160.106. Existing uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-160.107. Paving.
Sec. 51P-160.108. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-160.109. Zoning map.


PD 161.

Sec. 51P-161.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-161.102. Property location.


PD 162.

Sec. 51P-162.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-162.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-162.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-162.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-162.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-162.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-162.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-162.108. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-162.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-162.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-162.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-162.112. Screening wall.
Sec. 51P-162.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-162.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-162.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-162.116. Zoning map.


PD 163.

Sec. 51P-163.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-163.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-163.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-163.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-163.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-163.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-163.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-163.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-163.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-163.110.
Sec. 51P-163.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-163.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-163.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-163.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-163.115. Zoning map.


PD 164.

Sec. 51P-164.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-164.102. Property location.


PD 165.

Sec. 51P-165.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-165.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-165.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-165.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-165.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-165.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-165.107. Maximum permitted heights.
Sec. 51P-165.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-165.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-165.110. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-165.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-165.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-165.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-165.114. Zoning map.


PD 166.

Sec. 51P-166.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-166.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-166.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-166.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-166.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-166.106. Floor area and dwelling unit density.
Sec. 51P-166.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-166.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-166.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-166.110. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-166.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-166.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-166.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-166.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-166.115. Zoning map.


PD 167.

Sec. 51P-167.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-167.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-167.103. Definitions.
Sec. 51P-167.104. Interpretations.
Sec. 51P-167.105. Creation of tracts.
Sec. 51P-167.106. Applicability of other codes and ordinances.
Sec. 51P-167.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-167.108. Noise regulations.
Sec. 51P-167.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-167.110. Setback and height requirements.
Sec. 51P-167.111. Maximum floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-167.112. Access restrictions.
Sec. 51P-167.113. Off-street parking regulations.
Sec. 51P-167.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-167.115. Landscaping and screening requirements.
Sec. 51P-167.116. Boards of adjustment.
Sec. 51P-167.117. Certain PD regulations not applicable.
Sec. 51P-167.118. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-167.119. Homeowners’ association in Tract B-1.
Sec. 51P-167.120.
Additional conditions for Tract B-1.
Sec. 51P-167.121. Paving.
Sec. 51P-167.122. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-167.123. Zoning map.


PD 168.

Sec. 51P-168.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-168.102. Property location.


PD 169.

Sec. 51P-169.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-169.102. Property location.


PD 170.

Sec. 51P-170.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-170.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-170.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-170.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-170.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-170.106. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-170.107. Permitted uses and general development standards for each tract.
Sec. 51P-170.108. Density.
Sec. 51P-170.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-170.110. Phasing.
Sec. 51P-170.111. Access to and from Preston Road.
Sec. 51P-170.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-170.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-170.114. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-170.115. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-170.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-170.117. Special notice.
Sec. 51P-170.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-170.119. Zoning map.


PD 171.

Sec. 51P-171.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-171.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-171.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-171.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-171.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-171.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-171.107. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-171.108. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-171.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-171.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-171.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-171.112. Zoning map.


PD 172.

Sec. 51P-172.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-172.102. Property location.


PD 173.

Sec. 51P-173.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-173.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-173.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-173.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-173.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-173.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-173.107. Accessory guard house use.
Sec. 51P-173.108. Private streets and alleys.
Sec. 51P-173.109. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-173.110. Density.
Sec. 51P-173.111. Development schedule.
Sec. 51P-173.112. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-173.113. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-173.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-173.115. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-173.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-173.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-173.118. Zoning map.


PD 174.

Sec. 51P-174.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-174.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-174.103.
Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-174.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-174.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-174.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-174.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-174.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-174.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-174.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-174.111. Signs regulations.
Sec. 51P-174.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-174.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-174.114. Zoning map.


PD 175.

Sec. 51P-175.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-175.102. Property location.


PD 176.

Sec. 51P-176.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-176.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-176.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-176.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-176.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-176.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-176.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-176.108. Stories.
Sec. 51P-176.109. Visual intrusion.
Sec. 51P-176.110. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-176.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-176.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-176.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-176.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-176.115. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-176.116. Phasing.
Sec. 51P-176.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-176.118. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-176.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-176.120. Zoning map.


PD 177.

Sec. 51P-177.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-177.102. Property location.


PD 178.

Sec. 51P-178.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-178.102. Property location.


PD 179.

Sec. 51P-179.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-179.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-179.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-179.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-179.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-179.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-179.107. Maximum building height.
Sec. 51P-179.108. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-179.109. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-179.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-179.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-179.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-179.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-179.114. Zoning map.


PD 180.

Sec. 51P-180.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-180.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-180.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-180.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-180.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-180.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-180.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-180.108. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-180.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-180.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-180.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-180.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-180.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-180.114. Zoning map.


PD 181.

Sec. 51P-181.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-181.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-181.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-181.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-181.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-181.106. Phasing.
Sec. 51P-181.107. Uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-181.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-181.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-181.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-181.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-181.112. Zoning map.


PD 182.

Sec. 51P-182.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-182.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-182.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-182.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-182.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-182.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-182.107. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-182.108. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-182.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-182.110. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-182.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-182.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-182.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-182.114. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-182.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-182.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-182.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-182.118. Zoning map.


PD 183.

Sec. 51P-183.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-183.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-183.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-183.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-183.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-183.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-183.107. Building size.
Sec. 51P-183.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-183.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-183.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-183.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-183.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-183.113. Phasing of development.
Sec. 51P-183.114. Transit station(s).
Sec. 51P-183.115. Facade treatment.
Sec. 51P-183.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-183.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-183.118. Prior obligations not changed.
Sec. 51P-183.119. Zoning map.


PD 184.

Sec. 51P-184.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-184.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-184.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-184.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-184.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-184.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-184.107. Maximum permitted heights.
Sec. 51P-184.108. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-184.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-184.110.
Sec. 51P-184.111.
Sec. 51P-184.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-184.113. Off-street loading.
Sec. 51P-184.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-184.115. Residential requirement.
Sec. 51P-184.116. Construction standards.
Sec. 51P-184.117. Landscaping and screening.
Sec. 51P-184.118. Traffic improvements.
Sec. 51P-184.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-184.120. Zoning map.


PD 185.

Sec. 51P-185.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-185.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-185.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-185.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-185.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-185.106.
Sec. 51P-185.107. Lighting plan.
Sec. 51P-185.108. Office building size.
Sec. 51P-185.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-185.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-185.111. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-185.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-185.113. Creek maintenance.
Sec. 51P-185.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-185.115. Zoning map.


PD 186.

Sec. 51P-186.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-186.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-186.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-186.104. Creation of subareas.
Sec. 51P-186.105. Development plans.
Sec. 51P-186.106. Drainage plans.
Sec. 51P-186.107. Landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-186.108. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-186.109. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-186.110. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-186.111. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-186.112. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-186.113. Slope stability analysis.
Sec. 51P-186.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-186.115. Traffic improvements.
Sec. 51P-186.116. Traffic management plan.
Sec. 51P-186.117. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-186.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-186.119. Zoning maps.


PD 187.

Sec. 51P-187.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-187.102. Property location.


PD 188.

Sec. 51P-188.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-188.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-188.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-188.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-188.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-188.106. Minimum lot area.
Sec. 51P-188.107. Minimum front yard.
Sec. 51P-188.108. Minimum rear yard.
Sec. 51P-188.109. Garages.
Sec. 51P-188.110. Window openings.
Sec. 51P-188.111. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-188.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-188.113. Zoning map.


PD 189.

Sec. 51P-189.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-189.102. Property location.


PD 190.

Sec. 51P-190.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-190.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-190.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-190.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-190.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-190.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-190.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-190.108. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-190.109. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-190.110. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-190.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-190.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-190.113. Zoning map.


PD 191.

Sec. 51P-191.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-191.102. Property location.


PD 192.

Sec. 51P-192.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-192.102. Property location.


PD 193.

Oak Lawn Special Purpose District.



Sec. 51P-193.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-193.102.
Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-193.103. Purpose.
Sec. 51P-193.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-193.105. Zoning classification and boundary map.
Sec. 51P-193.106. Use regulations and development standards in general.
Sec. 51P-193.107. Use regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-193.109. Limited uses.
Sec. 51P-193.110. Street level uses.
Sec. 51P-193.111. Specific use permit (SUP).
Sec. 51P-193.112. Classification of new uses.
Sec. 51P-193.113. Off-street parking regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.114. Parking [P] subdistrict regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.115. Off-street loading regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.116. Handicapped parking regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.117. Special parking regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.118. Minimum front yard.
Sec. 51P-193.119. Minimum side yard.
Sec. 51P-193.120. Minimum rear yard.
Sec. 51P-193.121. Minimum lot area for residential use.
Sec. 51P-193.122. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-193.123. Maximum building height.
Sec. 51P-193.124. Maximum floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-193.125. Schedule of yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-193.126. Landscape, streetscape, screening, and fencing standards.
Sec. 51P-193.127. Structure facade standards.
Sec. 51P-193.128. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-193.129.
Outdoor loudspeakers.
Sec. 51P-193.130. Garbage storage areas.
Sec. 51P-193.131. Minor street right-of-way and roadway widths.
Sec. 51P-193.132. Historic landmark renovation tax freeze.
Sec. 51P-193.133. Trees in visibility triangles.
Sec. 51P-193.134. Bed and breakfast prohibition.



Division S-1. PD Subdistrict 1.

Sec. S-1.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-1.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-1.103. Tracts established.
Sec. S-1.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-1.105. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-1.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-1.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-1.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-1.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-1.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-1.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-1.112. Signs.
Sec. S-1.113. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-1.114. General requirements.
Sec. S-1.115. Paving.
Sec. S-1.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-1.117. Zoning map.

Division S-2. PD Subdistrict 2.

Sec. S-2.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-2.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-2.103. Tracts established.
Sec. S-2.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-2.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-2.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-2.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-2.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-2.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-2.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-2.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-2.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-2.113. Signs.
Sec. S-2.114. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-2.115. General requirements.
Sec. S-2.116. Paving.
Sec. S-2.117.
Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-2.118. Zoning map.

Division S-3. PD Subdistrict 3.

Sec. S-3.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-3.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-3.103. Tracts established.
Sec. S-3.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-3.105. Detailed development/conceptual plan.
Sec. S-3.106. Detailed development plan.
Sec. S-3.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-3.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-3.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-3.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-3.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-3.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-3.113. Signs.
Sec. S-3.114. Minor amendments in detailed development/conceptual plan.
Sec. S-3.115. Platting.
Sec. S-3.116.
Screening fences.
Sec. S-3.117. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-3.118. General requirements.
Sec. S-3.119.
Sec. S-3.120. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-3.121. Zoning map.

Division S-4. PD Subdistrict 4.

Sec. S-4.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-4.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-4.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-4.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-4.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-4.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-4.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-4.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-4.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-4.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-4.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-4.112. Signs.
Sec. S-4.113. Screening fences.
Sec. S-4.114. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-4.115.
General requirements.
Sec. S-4.116. Paving.
Sec. S-4.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-4.118. Zoning map.

Division S-5. PD Subdistrict 5.

Sec. S-5.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-5.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-5.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-5.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-5.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-5.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-5.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-5.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-5.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-5.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-5.111. Tree replacement.
Sec. S-5.112. Signs.
Sec. S-5.113. Outdoor loudspeakers.
Sec. S-5.114. Sidewalks.
Sec. S-5.115. Maintenance.
Sec. S-5.116. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-5.117. General requirements.
Sec. S-5.118. Paving.
Sec. S-5.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-5.120. Zoning map.

Division S-6. PD Subdistrict 6.

Sec. S-6.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-6.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-6.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-6.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-6.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-6.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-6.107. Landscaping.
Sec. S-6.108. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-6.109. Paving.
Sec. S-6.110. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-6.111. Zoning map.

Division S-7. PD Subdistrict 7.

Sec. S-7.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-7.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-7.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-7.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-7.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-7.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-7.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-7.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-7.109.
Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-7.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-7.111. Signs.
Sec. S-7.112. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-7.113. General requirements.
Sec. S-7.114. Paving.
Sec. S-7.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-7.116. Zoning map.

Division S-8. PD Subdistrict 8.

Sec. S-8.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-8.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-8.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-8.104. General regulations and development standards.
Sec. S-8.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-8.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-8.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-8.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-8.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-8.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-8.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-8.112. Signs.
Sec. S-8.113. General requirements.
Sec. S-8.114. Paving.
Sec. S-8.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-8.116. Zoning map.

Division S-9. PD Subdistrict 9.

Sec. S-9.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-9.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-9.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-9.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-9.105. Uses permitted.
Sec. S-9.106. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-9.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-9.108. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-9.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-9.110. Signs.
Sec. S-9.111. General requirements.
Sec. S-9.112. Paving.
Sec. S-9.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-9.114. Zoning map.

Division S-10. PD Subdistrict 10.

Sec. S-10.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-10.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-10.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-10.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-10.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-10.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-10.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-10.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-10.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-10.110. Tree preservation.
Sec. S-10.111. Sidewalks.
Sec. S-10.112. Traffic-related improvements.
Sec. S-10.113. Signs.
Sec. S-10.114. Other Oak Lawn SPD requirements.
Sec. S-10.115. General requirements.
Sec. S-10.116. Paving.
Sec. S-10.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-10.118. Zoning map.

Division S-11. PD Subdistrict 11.

Sec. S-11.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-11.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-11.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-11.104. Development/conceptual plan.
Sec. S-11.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-11.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-11.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-11.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-11.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-11.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-11.111. Access.
Sec. S-11.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-11.113. Screening.
Sec. S-11.114. Homeowner’s association.
Sec. S-11.115. General requirements.
Sec. S-11.116. Paving.
Sec. S-11.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-11.118. Zoning map.

Division S-12. PD Subdistrict 12.

Sec. S-12.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-12.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-12.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-12.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-12.105. Uses permitted.
Sec. S-12.106. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-12.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-12.108. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-12.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-12.110. Screening.
Sec. S-12.111. Signs.
Sec. S-12.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-12.113. Paving.
Sec. S-12.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-12.115. Zoning map.

Division S-13. PD Subdistrict 13.

Sec. S-13.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-13.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-13.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-13.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-13.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-13.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-13.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-13.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-13.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-13.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-13.111. Signs.
Sec. S-13.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-13.113. Paving.
Sec. S-13.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-13.115. Zoning map.

Division S-14. PD Subdistrict 14.

Sec. S-14.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-14.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-14.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-14.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-14.105. Uses permitted.
Sec. S-14.106. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-14.107. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-14.108. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-14.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-14.110. Signs.
Sec. S-14.111. Ingress and egress.
Sec. S-14.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-14.113. Paving.
Sec. S-14.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-14.115. Zoning map.

Division S-15. PD Subdistrict 15.

Sec. S-15.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-15.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-15.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-15.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-15.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-15.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-15.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-15.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-15.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-15.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-15.111. Signs.
Sec. S-15.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-15.113. Paving.
Sec. S-15.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-15.115. Zoning map.

Division S-16. PD Subdistrict 16.

Sec. S-16.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-16.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-16.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-16.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-16.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-16.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-16.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-16.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-16.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-16.110. Access.
Sec. S-16.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-16.112. Tree preservation.
Sec. S-16.113. Signs.
Sec. S-16.114. General requirements.
Sec. S-16.115. Paving.
Sec. S-16.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-16.117. Zoning map.

Division S-17. PD Subdistrict 17.

Sec. S-17.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-17.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-17.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-17.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-17.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-17.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-17.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-17.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-17.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-17.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-17.111. Signs.
Sec. S-17.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-17.113. Paving.
Sec. S-17.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-17.115. Zoning map.

Division S-18. PD Subdistrict 18.

Sec. S-18.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-18.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-18.103. Rezoning of PD Subdistrict 18.

Division S-19. PD Subdistrict 19.

Sec. S-19.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-19.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-19.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-19.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-19.105. Development plans.
Sec. S-19.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-19.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-19.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-19.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-19.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-19.111. Ingress and egress.
Sec. S-19.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-19.113. Signs.
Sec. S-19.114. General requirements.
Sec. S-19.115. Paving.
Sec. S-19.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-19.117. Zoning map.

Division S-20. PD Subdistrict 20.

Sec. S-20.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-20.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-20.103. Establishment of phases.
Sec. S-20.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-20.105. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-20.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-20.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-20.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-20.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-20.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-20.111. Access.
Sec. S-20.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-20.113. Tree preservation.
Sec. S-20.114. Signs.
Sec. S-20.115. General requirements.
Sec. S-20.116. Paving.
Sec. S-20.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-20.118. Zoning map.

Division S-21. PD Subdistrict 21.

Sec. S-21.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-21.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-21.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-21.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-21.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-21.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-21.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-21.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-21.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-21.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-21.111. Signs.
Sec. S-21.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-21.113. Paving.
Sec. S-21.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-21.115. Zoning map.

Division S-22. PD Subdistrict 22.

Sec. S-22.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-22.102. Property location.

Division S-23. PD Subdistrict 23.

Sec. S-23.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-23.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-23.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-23.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-23.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-23.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-23.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-23.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-23.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-23.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-23.111. Signs.
Sec. S-23.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-23.113. Paving.
Sec. S-23.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-23.115. Zoning map.

Division S-24. PD Subdistrict 24.

Sec. S-24.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-24.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-24.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-24.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-24.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-24.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-24.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-24.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-24.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-24.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-24.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-24.112. Signs.
Sec. S-24.113. General requirements.
Sec. S-24.114. Paving.
Sec. S-24.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-24.116. Zoning map.

Division S-25. PD Subdistrict 25.

Sec. S-25.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-25.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-25.103. Rezoning of PD Subdistrict 25.

Division S-26. PD Subdistrict 26.

Sec. S-26.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-26.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-26.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-26.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-26.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-26.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-26.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-26.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-26.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-26.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-26.111. Signs.
Sec. S-26.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-26.113. Paving.
Sec. S-26.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-26.115. Zoning map.

Division S-27. PD Subdistrict 27.

Sec. S-27.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-27.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-27.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-27.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-27.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-27.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-27.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-27.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-27.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-27.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-27.111. Signs.
Sec. S-27.112. Lighting.
Sec. S-27.113. Garbage storage areas.
Sec. S-27.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-27.115. Paving.
Sec. S-27.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-27.117. Zoning map.

Division S-28. PD Subdistrict 28.

Sec. S-28.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-28.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-28.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-28.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-28.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-28.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-28.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-28.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-28.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-28.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-28.111. Signs.
Sec. S-28.112. Roadway and access improvements.
Sec. S-28.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-28.114. Paving.
Sec. S-28.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-28.116. Zoning map.

Division S-29. PD Subdistrict 29.

Sec. S-29.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-29.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-29.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-29.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-29.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-29.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-29.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-29.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-29.109. Fencing.
Sec. S-29.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-29.111. Signs.
Sec. S-29.112. Ingress-egress.
Sec. S-29.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-29.114. Paving.
Sec. S-29.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-29.116. Zoning map.

Division S-30. PD Subdistrict 30.

Sec. S-30.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-30.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-30.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-30.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-30.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-30.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-30.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-30.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-30.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-30.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-30.111. Signs.
Sec. S-30.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-30.113. Paving.
Sec. S-30.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-30.115. Zoning map.

Division S-31. PD Subdistrict 31.

Sec. S-31.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-31.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-31.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-31.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-31.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-31.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-31.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-31.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-31.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-31.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-31.111. Signs.
Sec. S-31.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-31.113. Paving.
Sec. S-31.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-31.115. Zoning map.

Division S-32. PD Subdistrict 32.

Sec. S-32.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-32.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-32.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-32.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-32.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-32.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-32.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-32.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-32.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-32.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-32.111. Signs.
Sec. S-32.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-32.113. Paving.
Sec. S-32.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-32.115. Zoning map.

Division S-33. PD Subdistrict 33.

Sec. S-33.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-33.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-33.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-33.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-33.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-33.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-33.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-33.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-33.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-33.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-33.111. Signs.
Sec. S-33.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-33.113. Paving.
Sec. S-33.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-33.115. Zoning map.

Division S-34. PD Subdistrict 34.

Sec. S-34.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-34.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-34.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-34.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-34.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-34.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-34.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-34.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-34.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-34.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-34.111. Signs.
Sec. S-34.112. Alley access.
Sec. S-34.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-34.114. Paving.
Sec. S-34.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-34.116. Zoning map.

Division S-35. PD Subdistrict 35.

Sec. S-35.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-35.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-35.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-35.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-35.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-35.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-35.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-35.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-35.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-35.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-35.111. Signs.
Sec. S-35.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-35.113. Paving.
Sec. S-35.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-35.115. Zoning map.

Division S-36. PD Subdistrict 36.

Sec. S-36.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-36.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-36.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-36.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-36.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-36.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-36.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-36.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-36.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-36.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-36.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-36.112. Signs.
Sec. S-36.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-36.114. Paving.
Sec. S-36.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-36.116. Zoning map.

Division S-37. PD Subdistrict 37.

Sec. S-37.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-37.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-37.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-37.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-37.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-37.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-37.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-37.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-37.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-37.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-37.111. Signs.
Sec. S-37.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-37.113. Paving.
Sec. S-37.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-37.115. Zoning map.

Division S-38. PD Subdistrict 38.

Sec. S-38.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-38.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-38.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-38.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-38.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-38.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-38.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-38.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-38.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-38.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-38.111. Signs.
Sec. S-38.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-38.113. Paving.
Sec. S-38.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-38.115. Zoning map.

Division S-39. PD Subdistrict 39.

Sec. S-39.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-39.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-39.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-39.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-39.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-39.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-39.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-39.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-39.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-39.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-39.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-39.112. Signs.
Sec. S-39.113. General requirements.
Sec. S-39.114. Paving.
Sec. S-39.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-39.116. Zoning map.

Division S-40. PD Subdistrict 40.

Sec. S-40.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-40.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-40.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-40.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-40.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-40.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-40.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-40.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-40.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-40.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-40.111. Signs.
Sec. S-40.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-40.113. Paving.
Sec. S-40.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-40.115. Zoning map.

Division S-41. PD Subdistrict 41.

Sec. S-41.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-41.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-41.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-41.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-41.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-41.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-41.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-41.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-41.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-41.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-41.111. Signs.
Sec. S-41.112. Additional provisions
Sec. S-41.113. Paving.
Sec. S-41.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-41.115. Zoning map.

Division S-42. PD Subdistrict 42.

Sec. S-42.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-42.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-42.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-42.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-42.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-42.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-42.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-42.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-42.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-42.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-42.111. Signs.
Sec. S-42.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-42.113. Paving.
Sec. S-42.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-42.115. Zoning map.

Division S-43. PD Subdistrict 43.

Sec. S-43.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-43.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-43.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-43.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-43.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-43.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-43.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-43.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-43.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-43.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-43.111. Signs.
Sec. S-43.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-43.113. Paving.
Sec. S-43.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-43.115. Zoning map.

Division S-44. PD Subdistrict 44.

Sec. S-44.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-44.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-44.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-44.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-44.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-44.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-44.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-44.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-44.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-44.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-44.111. Signs.
Sec. S-44.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-44.113. Paving.
Sec. S-44.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-44.115. Zoning map.

Division S-45. PD Subdistrict 45.

Sec. S-45.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-45.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-45.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-45.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-45.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-45.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-45.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-45.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-45.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-45.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-45.111. Fencing.
Sec. S-45.112. Signs.
Sec. S-45.113. General requirements.
Sec. S-45.114. Paving.
Sec. S-45.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-45.116. Zoning map.

Division S-46. PD Subdistrict 46.

Sec. S-46.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-46.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-46.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-46.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. S-46.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-46.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-46.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-46.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-46.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-46.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-46.111. Signs.
Sec. S-46.112. General requirements.
Sec. S-46.113. Paving.
Sec. S-46.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-46.115. Zoning map.

Division S-47. PD Subdistrict 47.

Sec. S-47.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-47.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-47.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-47.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-47.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-47.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-47.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-47.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-47.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-47.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-47.111. Signs.
Sec. S-47.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-47.113. Paving.
Sec. S-47.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-47.115. Zoning map.

Division S-48. Subdistrict 48.

Sec. S-48.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-48.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-48.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-48.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-48.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-48.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-48.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-48.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-48.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-48.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-48.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-48.112. Signs.
Sec. S-48.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-48.114. Paving.
Sec. S-48.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-48.116. Zoning map.

Division S-49. PD Subdistrict 49.

Sec. S-49.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-49.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-49.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-49.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-49.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-49.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-49.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-49.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-49.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-49.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-49.111. Signs.
Sec. S-49.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-49.113. Paving.
Sec. S-49.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-49.115. Zoning map.

Division S-50. PD Subdistrict 50.

Sec. S-50.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-50.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-50.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-50.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-50.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-50.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-50.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-50.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-50.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-50.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-50.111. Signs.
Sec. S-50.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-50.113. Paving.
Sec. S-50.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-50.115. Zoning map.

Division S-51. PD Subdistrict 51.

Sec. S-51.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-51.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-51.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-51.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-51.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-51.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-51.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-51.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-51.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-51.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-51.111. Signs.
Sec. S-51.112. Fences.
Sec. S-51.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-51.114. Paving.
Sec. S-51.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-51.116. Zoning map.

Division S-52. PD Subdistrict 52.

Sec. S-52.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-52.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-52.103. Purpose.
Sec. S-52.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-52.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-52.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-52.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-52.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-52.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-52.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-52.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-52.112. Visibility triangle regulations.
Sec. S-52.113. Signs.
Sec. S-52.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-52.115. Paving.
Sec. S-52.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-52.117. Zoning map.

Division S-53. Subdistrict 53.

Sec. S-53.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-53.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-53.103. Purpose.
Sec. S-53.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-53.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-53.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-53.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-53.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-53.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-53.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-53.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-53.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-53.113. Visibility triangle regulations.
Sec. S-53.114. Signs.
Sec. S-53.115. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-53.116. Paving.
Sec. S-53.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-53.118. Zoning map.

Division S-54. Subdistrict 54.

Sec. S-54.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-54.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-54.103. Purpose.
Sec. S-54.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-54.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-54.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-54.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-54.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-54.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-54.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-54.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-54.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-54.113. Visibility triangle regulations.
Sec. S-54.114. Signs.
Sec. S-54.115. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-54.116. Paving.
Sec. S-54.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-54.118. Zoning map.

Division S-55. Subdistrict 55.

Sec. S-55.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-55.102. Property location.
Sec. S-55.103. Rezoning of PD Subdistrict 55.

Division S-56. Subdistrict 56.

Sec. S-56.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-56.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-56.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-56.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-56.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-56.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-56.107. Yard, lot, and regulations.
Sec. S-56.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-56.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-56.110. Signs.
Sec. S-56.111. Lighting.
Sec. S-56.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-56.113. Zoning map.

Division S-57. PD Subdistrict 57.

Sec. S-57.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-57.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-57.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-57.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-57.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-57.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-57.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-57.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-57.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-57.110. Signs.
Sec. S-57.111. Fences.
Sec. S-57.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-57.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-57.114. Zoning map.

Division S-58. PD Subdistrict 58.

Sec. S-58.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-58.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-58.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-58.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-58.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-58.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-58.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-58.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-58.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-58.110. Signs.
Sec. S-58.111. Lighting.
Sec. S-58.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-58.113. Zoning map.

Division S-59. PD Subdistrict 59.

Sec. S-59.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-59.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-59.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-59.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-59.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-59.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-59.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-59.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-59.109. Landscaping.
Sec. S-59.110. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-59.111. Paving.
Sec. S-59.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-59.113. Zoning map.

Division S-60. PD Subdistrict 60.

Sec. S-60.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-60.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-60.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-60.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-60.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-60.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-60.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-60.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. S-60.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-60.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-60.111. Signs.
Sec. S-60.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-60.113. Paving.
Sec. S-60.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-60.115. Zoning map.

Division S-61. PD Subdistrict 61.

Sec. S-61.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-61.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-61.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-61.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-61.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-61.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-61.107. Limited uses.
Sec. S-61.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-61.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-61.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-61.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-61.112. Signs.
Sec. S-61.113. Lighting.
Sec. S-61.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-61.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-61.116. Zoning map.

Division S-62. PD Subdistrict 62.

Sec. S-62.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-62.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-62.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-62.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-62.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-62.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-62.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-62.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-62.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-62.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-62.111. Signs.
Sec. S-62.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-62.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-62.114. Zoning map.

Division S-63. PD Subdistrict 63.

Sec. S-63.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-63.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-63.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-63.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-63.105. Creation of areas.
Sec. S-63.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-63.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-63.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-63.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-63.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-63.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-63.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-63.113. Signs.
Sec. S-63.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-63.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-63.116. Zoning map.

Division S-64. PD Subdistrict 64.

Sec. S-64.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-64.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-64.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-64.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-64.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-64.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-64.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-64.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-64.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-64.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-64.111. Visibility obstruction regulations.
Sec. S-64.112. Signs.
Sec. S-64.113. Sidewalks.
Sec. S-64.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-64.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-64.116. Zoning map.

Division S-65. PD Subdistrict 65.

Sec. S-65.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-65.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-65.103.
Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-65.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-65.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-65.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-65.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-65.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-65.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-65.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-65.111. Signs.
Sec. S-65.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-65.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-65.114. Zoning map.

Division S-66. PD Subdistrict 66.

Sec. S-66.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-66.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-66.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-66.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-66.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-66.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-66.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-66.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-66.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-66.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-66.111. Landscaping and sidewalks.
Sec. S-66.112. Signs.
Sec. S-66.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-66.114. Paving.
Sec. S-66.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-66.116. Zoning map.

Division S-67. PD Subdistrict 67.

Sec. S-67.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-67.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-67.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-67.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-67.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-67.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-67.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-67.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-67.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-67.110. Residential development tracts.
Sec. S-67.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-67.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-67.113. Signs.
Sec. S-67.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-67.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-67.116. Zoning map.

Division S-68. PD Subdistrict 68.

Sec. S-68.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-68.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-68.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-68.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-68.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-68.106. Main uses.
Sec. S-68.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-68.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-68.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-68.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-68.111. Landscaping.
Sec. S-68.112. Signs.
Sec. S-68.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-68.114. Skyline architectural feature.
Sec. S-68.115. Area B roof.
Sec. S-68.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-68.117. Zoning map.

Division S-69. PD Subdistrict 69.

Sec. S-69.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-69.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-69.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-69.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-69.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-69.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-69.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-69.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-69.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-69.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-69.111. Signs.
Sec. S-69.112.
Additional provisions.
Sec. S-69.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-69.114. Zoning map.

Division S-70. PD Subdistrict 70.

Sec. S-70.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-70.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-70.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-70.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-70.105. Main uses.
Sec. S-70.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-70.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-70.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-70.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-70.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-70.111. Signs.
Sec. S-70.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-70.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-70.114. Zoning map.

Division S-71. PD Subdistrict 71.

Sec. S-71.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-71.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-71.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-71.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-71.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-71.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-71.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-71.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-71.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-71.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-71.111. Signs.
Sec. S-71.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-71.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-71.114. Zoning map.

Division S-72. PD Subdistrict 72.

Sec. S-72.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-72.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-72.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-72.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-72.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-72.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-72.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-72.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-72.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-72.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-72.111. Signs.
Sec. S-72.112. Traffic improvements.
Sec. S-72.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-72.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-72.115. Zoning map.

Division S-73. Subdistrict 73.

Sec. S-73.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-73.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-73.103. Purpose.
Sec. S-73.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-73.105. Reserved.
Sec. S-73.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-73.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-73.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-73.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-73.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-73.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-73.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-73.113. Signs.
Sec. S-73.114. Sidewalks and parkways.
Sec. S-73.115. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-73.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-73.117. Zoning map.

Division S-74. Subdistrict 74.

Sec. S-74.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-74.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-74.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-74.104. Subareas and subtracts.
Sec. S-74.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-74.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-74.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-74.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-74.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-74.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-74.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-74.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-74.113. Signs.
Sec. S-74.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-74.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-74.116. Zoning map.

Division S-75. Subdistrict 75.

Sec. S-75.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-75.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-75.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-75.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-75.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-75.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-75.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-75.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-75.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-75.110. Landscaping and screening.
Sec. S-75.111. Signs.
Sec. S-75.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-75.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-75.114. Zoning map.

Division S-76. Subdistrict 76.

Sec. S-76.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-76.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-76.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-76.104. Development plan.
Sec. S-76.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-76.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-76.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-76.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-76.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-76.110. Landscaping.
Sec. S-76.111. License and permits for landscaping and parking.
Sec. S-76.112. Signs.
Sec. S-76.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-76.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-76.115. Zoning map.

Division S-77. Subdistrict 77.

Sec. S-77.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-77.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-77.103. Purpose.
Sec. S-77.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-77.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-77.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-77.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-77.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-77.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-77.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-77.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-77.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-77.113. Signs.
Sec. S-77.114. Roadway improvements.
Sec. S-77.115. Katy trail.
Sec. S-77.116. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-77.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-77.118. Zoning map.

Division S-79. PD Subdistrict 79.

Harwood Special Purpose District

Sec. S-79.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-79.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-79.103. Purpose.
Sec. S-79.104. Creation of subareas.
Sec. S-79.105. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-79.106. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-79.107. Development plan.
Sec. S-79.108. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-79.109. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-79.110. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-79.111. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-79.112. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-79.113. Landscaping.
Sec. S-79.114. Signs.
Sec. S-79.115. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-79.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-79.117. Zoning map.

Division S-80. PD Subdistrict 80.

Sec. S-80.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-80.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-80.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-80.104. Exhibit.
Sec. S-80.105. Development plan.
Sec. S-80.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-80.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-80.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-80.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-80.110. Sidewalks.
Sec. S-80.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-80.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-80.113. Signs.
Sec. S-80.114. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-80.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. S-80.116. Zoning map.

Division S-81. PD Subdistrict 81.

Sec. S-81.101. Legislative history.
Sec. S-81.102. Property location and size.
Sec. S-81.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. S-81.104. Exhibits.
Sec. S-81.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. S-81.106. Development plan.
Sec. S-81.107. Main uses permitted.
Sec. S-81.108. Accessory uses.
Sec. S-81.109.
Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. S-81.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. S-81.111.
Environmental performance standards.
Sec. S-81.112. Landscaping.
Sec. S-81.113. Building facades.
Sec. S-81.114. Maneuvering of vehicles.
Sec. S-81.115. Signs.
Sec. S-81.116. Additional provisions.
Sec. S-81.117.
Zoning map.


PD 194.

Sec. 51P-194.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-194.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-194.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-194.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-194.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-194.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-194.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-194.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-194.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-194.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-194.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-194.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-194.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-194.114. Zoning map.


PD 195.

Sec. 51P-195.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-195.102. Property location.


PD 196.

Sec. 51P-196.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-196.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-196.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-196.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-196.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-196.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-196.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-196.108. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-196.109. Parking.
Sec. 51P-196.110. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-196.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-196.112. Zoning map.


PD 197.

Sec. 51P-197.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-197.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-197.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-197.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-197.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-197.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-197.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-197.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-197.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-197.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-197.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-197.112. Zoning map.


PD 198.

Sec. 51P-198.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-198.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-198.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-198.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-198.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-198.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-198.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-198.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-198.109. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-198.110. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-198.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-198.112. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-198.113. Landscape buffer.
Sec. 51P-198.114. Building façade.
Sec. 51P-198.115. Road improvements and development timing.
Sec. 51P-198.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-198.117. DP&L easement.
Sec. 51P-198.118. Thoroughfare support.
Sec. 51P-198.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-198.120. Zoning map.


PD 199.

Sec. 51P-199.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-199.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-199.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-199.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-199.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-199.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-199.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-199.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-199.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-199.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-199.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-199.112. Private street.
Sec. 51P-199.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-199.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-199.115. Zoning map.


PD 200.

Sec. 51P-200.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-200.102. Property location.


PD 201.

Sec. 51P-201.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-201.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-201.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-201.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-201.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-201.106. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-201.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-201.108. Maximum floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-201.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-201.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-201.111. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-201.112. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-201.113. Highly reflective glass.
Sec. 51P-201.114. Right-of-way.
Sec. 51P-201.115. Platting.
Sec. 51P-201.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-201.117. Zoning map.


PD 202.

Sec. 51P-202.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-202.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-202.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-202.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-202.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-202.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-202.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-202.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-202.109. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-202.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-202.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-202.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-202.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-202.114. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-202.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-202.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-202.117. Zoning map.


PD 203.

Sec. 51P-203.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-203.102. Property location.


PD 204.

Sec. 51P-204.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-204.102. Property location.


PD 205.

Sec. 51P-205.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-205.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-205.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-205.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-205.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-205.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-205.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-205.108. Occupied floors.
Sec. 51P-205.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-205.110. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-205.111. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-205.112. Parkway/streetscape improvements.
Sec. 51P-205.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-205.114. Exterior materials.
Sec. 51P-205.115. Ingress/egress.
Sec. 51P-205.116. Parking.
Sec. 51P-205.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-205.118. Paving.
Sec. 51P-205.119. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-205.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-205.121. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-205.122. Zoning map.


PD 206.

Sec. 51P-206.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-206.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-206.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-206.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-206.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-206.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-206.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-206.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-206.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-206.110. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-206.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-206.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-206.113. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-206.114. Easement.
Sec. 51P-206.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-206.116. Zoning map.


PD 207.

Sec. 51P-207.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-207.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-207.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-207.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-207.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-207.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-207.107.
Types of units.
Sec. 51P-207.108. Maximum number of lots.
Sec. 51P-207.109. Building height.
Sec. 51P-207.110. Maximum lot size.
Sec. 51P-207.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-207.112. Greenbelt.
Sec. 51P-207.113. Trees.
Sec. 51P-207.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-207.115. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-207.116. Platting.
Sec. 51P-207.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-207.118. Paving.
Sec. 51P-207.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-207.120. Zoning map.


PD 208.

Sec. 51P-208.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-208.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-208.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-208.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-208.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-208.106. Maximum number of dwelling units.
Sec. 51P-208.107. Screening.
Sec. 51P-208.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-208.109. Streets.
Sec. 51P-208.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-208.111. Zoning map.


PD 209.

Sec. 51P-209.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-209.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-209.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-209.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-209.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-209.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-209.107. Development standards for single-family uses.
Sec. 51P-209.108. Development standards for office uses.
Sec. 51P-209.109. Development standards for the private community center use.
Sec. 51P-209.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-209.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-209.112. Screening.
Sec. 51P-209.113. Homeowners association.
Sec. 51P-209.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-209.115. Streets and paving.
Sec. 51P-209.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-209.117. Zoning map.


PD 210.

Sec. 51P-210.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-210.102. Property location.


PD 211.

Sec. 51P-211.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-211.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-211.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-211.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-211.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-211.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-211.107. Height and setbacks.
Sec. 51P-211.108. Special parking setback.
Sec. 51P-211.109. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-211.110. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-211.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-211.112. Vehicular access.
Sec. 51P-211.113. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-211.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-211.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-211.116. Transportation systems management (TSM).
Sec. 51P-211.117. Mandatory transportation management organization (TMO) support fee.
Sec. 51P-211.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-211.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-211.120. Zoning map.


PD 212.

Sec. 51P-212.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-212.102. Property location.


PD 213.

Sec. 51P-213.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-213.102. Property location.


PD 214.

Sec. 51P-214.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-214.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-214.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-214.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-214.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-214.106. Density and floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-214.107. Single-family attached structures prohibited on Tract I.
Sec. 51P-214.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-214.109. Screening.
Sec. 51P-214.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-214.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-214.112. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-214.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-214.114. Parking, loading, and vehicular access.
Sec. 51P-214.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-214.116. Zoning map.


PD 215.

Sec. 51P-215.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-215.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-215.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-215.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-215.105. Land use plan.
Sec. 51P-215.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-215.107. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-215.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-215.109. Uses.
Sec. 51P-215.110. Office uses denied.
Sec. 51P-215.111. Building coverage.
Sec. 51P-215.112. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-215.113. Bonus, conversion, and phasing comments.
Sec. 51P-215.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-215.115. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-215.116. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-215.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-215.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-215.119. Transportation systems management.
Sec. 51P-215.120. Mandatory transportation management organization support fee.
Sec. 51P-215.121. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-215.122. Zoning map.


PD 216.

Sec. 51P-216.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-216.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-216.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-216.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-216.105. Land use plan.
Sec. 51P-216.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-216.107. Amendments.
Sec. 51P-216.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-216.109. Uses.
Sec. 51P-216.110. Building coverage.
Sec. 51P-216.111. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-216.112. Bonus, conversion, and phasing comments.
Sec. 51P-216.113. Maximum heights.
Sec. 51P-216.114. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-216.115. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-216.116. Access.
Sec. 51P-216.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-216.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-216.119. Transportation system management.
Sec. 51P-216.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-216.121. Zoning map.


PD 217.

Sec. 51P-217.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-217.102. Property location.


PD 218.

Sec. 51P-218.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-218.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-218.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-218.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-218.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-218.106. Lakes/open space.
Sec. 51P-218.107. Development requirements.
Sec. 51P-218.108. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-218.109. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-218.110. Landscape maintenance.
Sec. 51P-218.111. Utilities.
Sec. 51P-218.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-218.113. Parking.
Sec. 51P-218.114. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-218.115. Density.
Sec. 51P-218.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-218.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-218.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-218.119. Special address numbering.
Sec. 51P-218.120. Zoning map.


PD 219.

Sec. 51P-219.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-219.102. Property location.


PD 220.

Sec. 51P-220.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-220.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-220.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-220.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-220.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-220.106. Structure setbacks.
Sec. 51P-220.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-220.108. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-220.109. Access.
Sec. 51P-220.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-220.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-220.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-220.113. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-220.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-220.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-220.116. Zoning map.


PD 221.

Sec. 51P-221.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-221.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-221.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-221.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-221.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-221.106. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-221.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-221.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-221.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-221.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-221.111. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-221.112. Screening.
Sec. 51P-221.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-221.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-221.115. Zoning map.


PD 222.

Sec. 51P-222.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-222.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-222.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-222.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-222.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-222.106. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-222.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-222.108. Building heights and stories.
Sec. 51P-222.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-222.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-222.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-222.112. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-222.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-222.114. Frontage.
Sec. 51P-222.115. Access easement.
Sec. 51P-222.116. Residential density.
Sec. 51P-222.117. Landscaping and tree planting.
Sec. 51P-222.118. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-222.119. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-222.120. Visitor parking.
Sec. 51P-222.121. Paving.
Sec. 51P-222.122. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-222.123. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-222.124. Zoning map.


PD 223.

Sec. 51P-223.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-223.102. Property location.


PD 224.

Sec. 51P-224.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-224.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-224.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-224.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-224.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-224.106. Elevation.
Sec. 51P-224.107. Landscaping plan.
Sec. 51P-224.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-224.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-224.110. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-224.111. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-224.112. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-224.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-224.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-224.115. Zoning map.


PD 225.

State-Thomas Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-225.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-225.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-225.103. Districts and subdistricts in PD 225.
Sec. 51P-225.104. Reconciliation with other ordinances.
Sec. 51P-225.105. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-225.106. Use regulations for the State-Thomas Special Purpose District.
Sec. 51P-225.107. Development standards for the Historic District.
Sec. 51P-225.108. Review procedures for certificate of appropriateness in the Historic District.
Sec. 51P-225.109. Preservation criteria for the Historic District.
Sec. 51P-225.110. Public right-of-way improvements in the Historic District.
Sec. 51P-225.111. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-225.112. Tax freeze regulations.
Sec. 51P-225.113. Designation as a contributing structure.
Sec. 51P-225.114. Graphics and design guidelines for the Historic District.
Sec. 51P-225.115. Enforcement.
Sec. 51P-225.116. Development standards for the Interior Neighborhood District.
Sec. 51P-225.117. Development standards for the Freeway Frontage District.
Sec. 51P-225.118. Development standards for the Fringe Transition District.
Sec. 51P-225.119. State-Thomas SPD general plan review.
Sec. 51P-225.120. Development impact review.
Sec. 51P-225.121. Landscaping in the Interior Neighborhood, Freeway Frontage, and Fringe Transition Districts.
Sec. 51P-225.122. Utilities.
Sec. 51P-225.123. Right-of-way and pavement widths.
Sec. 51P-225.124. Zoning map.


PD 226.

Sec. 51P-226.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-226.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-226.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-226.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-226.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-226.106. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-226.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-226.108. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-226.109. Lot sizes.
Sec. 51P-226.110. Replat.
Sec. 51P-226.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-226.112. Streets.
Sec. 51P-226.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-226.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-226.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-226.116. Zoning map.


PD 227.

Sec. 51P-227.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-227.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-227.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-227.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-227.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-227.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-227.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-227.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-227.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-227.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-227.111. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-227.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-227.113. Zoning map.


PD 228.

Sec. 51P-228.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-228.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-228.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-228.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-228.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-228.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-228.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-228.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-228.109. Guard house.
Sec. 51P-228.110. Flood plain.
Sec. 51P-228.111. Private streets.
Sec. 51P-228.112. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-228.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-228.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-228.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-228.116. Zoning map.


PD 229.

Sec. 51P-229.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-229.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-229.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-229.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-229.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-229.106. Parkway landscape permit.
Sec. 51P-229.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-229.108. Floor area limitations.
Sec. 51P-229.109. Floor area definitions.
Sec. 51P-229.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-229.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-229.112. Height.
Sec. 51P-229.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-229.114. Oak Lawn Special Purpose District.
Sec. 51P-229.115. Certificate of occupancy.
Sec. 51P-229.116. Exterior design of structures.
Sec. 51P-229.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-229.118. Zoning map.


PD 230.

Sec. 51P-230.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-230.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-230.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-230.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-230.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-230.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-230.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-230.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-230.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-230.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-230.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-230.112. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-230.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-230.114. Underground utilities.
Sec. 51P-230.115. Alternate development regulations.
Sec. 51P-230.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-230.117. Zoning map.


PD 231.

Sec. 51P-231.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-231.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-231.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-231.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-231.105. Rendering.
Sec. 51P-231.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-231.107. Development standards for uses if no day care center or private school is developed.
Sec. 51P-231.108. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-231.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-231.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-231.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-231.112. Ingress-egress.
Sec. 51P-231.113. Indoor area.
Sec. 51P-231.114. Outdoor play area.
Sec. 51P-231.115. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-231.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-231.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-231.118. Zoning map.


PD 232.

Sec. 51P-232.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-232.102. Property location.


PD 233.

Sec. 51P-233.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-233.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-233.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-233.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-233.105. Land use plans.
Sec. 51P-233.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-233.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-233.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-233.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-233.110. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-233.111. Maximum heights.
Sec. 51P-233.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-233.113. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-233.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-233.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-233.116. Transportation system management.
Sec. 51P-233.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-233.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-233.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-233.120. Zoning map.


PD 234.

Sec. 51P-234.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-234.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-234.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-234.104. Development/conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-234.105. Development plan for Tract II.
Sec. 51P-234.106. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-234.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-234.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-234.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-234.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-234.111. Access.
Sec. 51P-234.112. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-234.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-234.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-234.115. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-234.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-234.117. Zoning map.


PD 235.

Sec. 51P-235.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-235.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-235.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-235.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-235.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-235.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-235.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-235.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-235.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-235.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-235.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-235.112. Zoning map.


PD 236.

Sec. 51P-236.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-236.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-236.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-236.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-236.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-236.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-236.107. Uses, floor area ratio, height, and density for Tract 1.
Sec. 51P-236.108. Uses, floor area ratio, height, and density for Tract 2.
Sec. 51P-236.109. Uses, floor area ratio, height, and density for Tract 3.
Sec. 51P-236.110. Uses, floor area ratio, height, and density for Tract 4.
Sec. 51P-236.111. Uses, floor area ratio, height, and density for Tract 5.
Sec. 51P-236.112. Uses, floor area ratio, height, and density for Tract 6.
Sec. 51P-236.113. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-236.114. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-236.115. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-236.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-236.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-236.118. Paving.
Sec. 51P-236.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-236.120. Zoning map.


PD 238.

Sec. 51P-238.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-238.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-238.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-238.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-238.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-238.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-238.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-238.108. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-238.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-238.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-238.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-238.112. Off-street loading.
Sec. 51P-238.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-238.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-238.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-238.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-238.117. Zoning map.


PD 239.

Sec. 51P-239.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-239.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-239.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-239.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-239.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-239.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-239.107. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-239.108. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-239.109. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-239.110. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-239.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-239.112. Number of students.
Sec. 51P-239.113. Outdoor play area.
Sec. 51P-239.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-239.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-239.116. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-239.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-239.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-239.119. Zoning map.


PD 240.

Sec. 51P-240.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-240.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-240.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-240.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-240.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-240.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-240.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-240.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-240.109. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-240.110. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-240.111. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-240.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-240.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-240.114. Drainage.
Sec. 51P-240.115. Off-site traffic improvements.
Sec. 51P-240.116. Roadway circulation plan.
Sec. 51P-240.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-240.118. Paving.
Sec. 51P-240.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-240.120. Zoning map.


PD 241.

Sec. 51P-241.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-241.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-241.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-241.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-241.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-241.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-241.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-241.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-241.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-241.110. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-241.111. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-241.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-241.113. Off-street loading.
Sec. 51P-241.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-241.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-241.116. Screening.
Sec. 51P-241.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-241.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-241.119. Zoning map.


PD 242.

Sec. 51P-242.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-242.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-242.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-242.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-242.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-242.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-242.107. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-242.108. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-242.109. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-242.110. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-242.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-242.112. Number of students.
Sec. 51P-242.113. Outdoor play area.
Sec. 51P-242.114. Access.
Sec. 51P-242.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-242.116. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-242.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-242.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-242.119. Zoning map.


PD 243.

Sec. 51P-243.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-243.102. Property location.


PD 244.

Sec. 51P-244.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-244.102. Property location.


PD 245.

Sec. 51P-245.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-245.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-245.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-245.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-245.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-245.106. Landscaping plans.
Sec. 51P-245.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-245.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-245.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-245.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-245.111. Solid screening.
Sec. 51P-245.112. Noise.
Sec. 51P-245.113. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-245.114. Communication tower.
Sec. 51P-245.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-245.116. Zoning map.


PD 246.

Sec. 51P-246.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-246.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-246.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-246.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-246.105. Land use plan.
Sec. 51P-246.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-246.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-246.108. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-246.109. Height and setbacks.
Sec. 51P-246.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-246.111. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-246.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-246.113. Vehicular access.
Sec. 51P-246.114. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-246.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-246.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-246.117. Transportation system management (TSM).
Sec. 51P-246.118. Mandatory transportation management organization (TMO) support fee.
Sec. 51P-246.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-246.120. Zoning map.


PD 247.

Sec. 51P-247.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-247.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-247.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-247.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-247.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-247.106. Use regulations.
Sec. 51P-247.107. Master drainage study.
Sec. 51P-247.108. Escarpment regulations.
Sec. 51P-247.109. Elevation drawings.
Sec. 51P-247.110. Landscape plan and tree preservation.
Sec. 51P-247.111. Additional landscaping requirements in Tract 4.
Sec. 51P-247.112. Office-showroom.
Sec. 51P-247.113. Uses, floor area ratio, lot coverage, height, and density.
Sec. 51P-247.114. Additional setback provision for all tracts.
Sec. 51P-247.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-247.116. Parking.
Sec. 51P-247.117. Schools.
Sec. 51P-247.118. Private clubs.
Sec. 51P-247.119. Alcoholic beverages.
Sec. 51P-247.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-247.121. Zoning map.


PD 248.

Sec. 51P-248.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-248.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-248.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-248.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-248.105. Uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-248.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-248.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-248.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-248.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-248.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-248.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-248.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-248.113. Zoning map.


PD 249.

Sec. 51P-249.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-249.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-249.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-249.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-249.105. Use permitted.
Sec. 51P-249.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-249.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-249.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-249.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-249.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-249.111. Screenings.
Sec. 51P-249.112. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-249.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-249.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-249.115. Zoning map.


PD 250.

Sec. 51P-250.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-250.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-250.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-250.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-250.105. Land use plan.
Sec. 51P-250.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-250.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-250.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-250.109. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-250.110. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-250.111. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-250.112. Bonus, conversion, and phasing comments.
Sec. 51P-250.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-250.114. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-250.115. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-250.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-250.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-250.118. Transportation systems management (TSM).
Sec. 51P-250.119. Mandatory transportation management organization (TMO) support fee.
Sec. 51P-250.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-250.121. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-250.122. Zoning map.


PD 251.

Sec. 51P-251.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-251.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-251.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-251.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-251.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-251.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-251.107. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-251.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-251.109. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-251.110. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-251.111. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-251.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-251.113. Drive.
Sec. 51P-251.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-251.115. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-251.116. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-251.117. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-251.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-251.119. Enrollment.
Sec. 51P-251.120. Traffic management plan.
Sec. 51P-251.121. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-251.122. Paving.
Sec. 51P-251.123. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-251.124. Zoning map.


PD 252.

Sec. 51P-252.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-252.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-252.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-252.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-252.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-252.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-252.107. Alcoholic beverages prohibited.
Sec. 51P-252.108. Maximum floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-252.109. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-252.110. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-252.111. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-252.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-252.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-252.114. Drive-in banks.
Sec. 51P-252.115. Façade treatment.
Sec. 51P-252.116. Elevations.
Sec. 51P-252.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-252.118. Paving.
Sec. 51P-252.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-252.120. Zoning map.


PD 253.

Sec. 51P-253.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-253.102. Property location.


PD 254.

Sec. 51P-254.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-254.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-254.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-254.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-254.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-254.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-254.107. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-254.108. Development standards for Parcel A.
Sec. 51P-254.109. Development standards for Parcels B, C-1, C-2, and C-3.
Sec. 51P-254.110. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-254.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-254.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-254.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-254.114. Screening.
Sec. 51P-254.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-254.116. Zoning map.


PD 255.

Sec. 51P-255.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-255.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-255.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-255.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-255.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-255.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-255.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-255.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-255.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-255.110. Hours of operation for mini-warehouse.
Sec. 51P-255.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-255.112. Screening.
Sec. 51P-255.113. Height.
Sec. 51P-255.114. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-255.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-255.116. Zoning map.


PD 256.

Sec. 51P-256.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-256.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-256.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-256.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-256.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-256.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-256.107. Screening.
Sec. 51P-256.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-256.109. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-256.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-256.111. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-256.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-256.113. Ingress/egress.
Sec. 51P-256.114. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-256.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-256.116. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-256.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-256.118. Zoning map.


PD 257.

Sec. 51P-257.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-257.102. Property location.


PD 258.

Sec. 51P-258.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-258.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-258.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-258.104. Site plan.
Sec. 51P-258.105. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-258.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-258.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-258.108. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-258.109. Minimum lot width.
Sec. 51P-258.110. Minimum lot depth.
Sec. 51P-258.111. Minimum lot area.
Sec. 51P-258.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-258.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-258.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-258.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-258.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-258.117. Zoning map.


PD 259.

Sec. 51P-259.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-259.102. Property location.


PD 260.

Sec. 51P-260.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-260.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-260.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-260.104. Creation of separate tracts.
Sec. 51P-260.105. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-260.106. Development plans.
Sec. 51P-260.107. Elevation drawings.
Sec. 51P-260.108. Submission of plans to private entities.
Sec. 51P-260.109. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-260.110. Platting.
Sec. 51P-260.111. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-260.112. Special restriction on a portion of Tract 6.
Sec. 51P-260.113. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-260.114. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-260.115. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-260.116. Building facade.
Sec. 51P-260.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-260.118. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-260.119. Screening.
Sec. 51P-260.120. Odor emission standards.
Sec. 51P-260.121. Site elevation.
Sec. 51P-260.122. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-260.123. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-260.124. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-260.125. Street widening.
Sec. 51P-260.126. Zoning map.


PD 261.

Sec. 51P-261.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-261.102. Property location.


PD 262.

Sec. 51P-262.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-262.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-262.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-262.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-262.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-262.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-262.107. Reserved.
Sec. 51P-262.108. Uses, floor area, height, and setbacks.
Sec. 51P-262.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-262.110. Reserved.
Sec. 51P-262.111. Roadway improvements.
Sec. 51P-262.112. Preservation criteria.
Sec. 51P-262.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-262.114. Reserved.
Sec. 51P-262.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-262.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-262.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-262.118. Zoning map.


PD 263.

Sec. 51P-263.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-263.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-263.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-263.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-263.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-263.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-263.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-263.108. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-263.109. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-263.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-263.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-263.112. Open space.
Sec. 51P-263.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-263.114. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-263.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-263.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-263.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-263.118. Zoning map.


PD 264.

Sec. 51P-264.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-264.102. Property location.


PD 265.

Sec. 51P-265.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-265.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-265.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-265.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-265.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-265.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-265.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-265.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-265.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-265.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-265.111. Floor area and density.
Sec. 51P-265.112. Height.
Sec. 51P-265.113. Stories.
Sec. 51P-265.114. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-265.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-265.116. Zoning map.


PD 266.

Sec. 51P-266.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-266.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-266.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-266.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-266.105. Office uses defined.
Sec. 51P-266.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-266.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-266.108. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-266.109. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-266.110. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-266.111. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-266.112. Height.
Sec. 51P-266.113. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-266.114. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-266.115. Impact fee of off-street improvements.
Sec. 51P-266.116. Refund of fee.
Sec. 51P-266.117. Replacement of fee.
Sec. 51P-266.118. Access.
Sec. 51P-266.119. Paving.
Sec. 51P-266.120. Signs.
Sec. 51P-266.121. Transportation systems management (TSM).
Sec. 51P-266.122. Mandatory transportation management organization (TMO) support fee.
Sec. 51P-266.123. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-266.124. Zoning map.


PD 267.

Sec. 51P-267.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-267.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-267.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-267.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-267.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-267.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-267.107. Maximum number of units.
Sec. 51P-267.108. Maximum floor area for limited uses.
Sec. 51P-267.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-267.110. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-267.111. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-267.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-267.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-267.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-267.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-267.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-267.117. Zoning map.


PD 268.

Sec. 51P-268.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-268.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-268.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-268.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-268.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-268.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-268.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-268.108. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-268.109. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-268.110. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-268.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-268.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-268.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-268.114. Construction traffic.
Sec. 51P-268.115. Right-of-way dedication.
Sec. 51P-268.116. Reflective glass.
Sec. 51P-268.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-268.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-268.119. Paving.
Sec. 51P-268.120. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-268.121. Zoning map.


PD 269.

Sec. 51P-269.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-269.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-269.103. Establishment of tracts.
Sec. 51P-269.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-269.105. Use regulations and development standards for Tract A.
Sec. 51P-269.106. Use regulations and development standards for Tract B.
Sec. 51P-269.107. Waiver of certain requirements.
Sec. 51P-269.108. Transfer of development rights.
Sec. 51P-269.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-269.110. Additional requirements for commercial parking garages and commercial parking lots.
Sec. 51P-269.111. Zoning map.


PD 270.

Sec. 51P-270.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-270.102. Property location.


PD 271.

Sec. 51P-271.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-271.102. Property location.


PD 272.

Sec. 51P-272.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-272.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-272.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-272.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-272.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-272.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-272.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-272.108. Kitchen facilities.
Sec. 51P-272.109. Temporary marketing use.
Sec. 51P-272.110. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-272.111. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-272.112. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-272.113. Minimum lot area per dwelling unit.
Sec. 51P-272.114. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-272.115. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-272.116. Right-of-way reservation.
Sec. 51P-272.117. Access.
Sec. 51P-272.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-272.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-272.120. Paving.
Sec. 51P-272.121. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-272.122. Zoning map.


PD 273.

Sec. 51P-273.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-273.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-273.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-273.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-273.105. Landscaping and trees.
Sec. 51P-273.106. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-273.107. Caretaker’s quarters.
Sec. 51P-273.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-273.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-273.110. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-273.111. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-273.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-273.113. Access.
Sec. 51P-273.114. Elevations.
Sec. 51P-273.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-273.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-273.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-273.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-273.119. Zoning map.


PD 274.

Sec. 51P-274.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-274.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-274.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-274.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-274.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-274.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-274.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-274.108. Maximum number of units.
Sec. 51P-274.109. Minimum lot area.
Sec. 51P-274.110. Minimum setbacks.
Sec. 51P-274.111. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-274.112. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-274.113. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-274.114. Off-site improvements.
Sec. 51P-274.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-274.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-274.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-274.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-274.119. Zoning map.


PD 275.

Sec. 51P-275.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-275.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-275.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-275.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-275.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-275.106. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-275.107. Maximum number of dwelling units.
Sec. 51P-275.108. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-275.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-275.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-275.111. Open space.
Sec. 51P-275.112. Screening wall.
Sec. 51P-275.113. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-275.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-275.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-275.116. Zoning map.


PD 276.

Sec. 51P-276.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-276.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-276.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-276.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-276.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-276.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-276.107. Permanent buildings.
Sec. 51P-276.108. Screening.
Sec. 51P-276.109. Stacking height.
Sec. 51P-276.110. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-276.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-276.112. Parking.
Sec. 51P-276.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-276.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-276.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-276.116. Zoning map.


PD 277.

Sec. 51P-277.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-277.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-277.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-277.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-277.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-277.106. Permitted uses and floor area.
Sec. 51P-277.107. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-277.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-277.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-277.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-277.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-277.112. Screening.
Sec. 51P-277.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-277.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-277.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-277.116. Zoning map.


PD 278.

Sec. 51P-278.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-278.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-278.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-278.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-278.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-278.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-278.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-278.108. Floor area and height.
Sec. 51P-278.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-278.110. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-278.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-278.112. Parking study.
Sec. 51P-278.113. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-278.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-278.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-278.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-278.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-278.118. Zoning map.


PD 279.

Sec. 51P-279.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-279.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-279.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-279.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-279.105. Land use plan.
Sec. 51P-279.106. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-279.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-279.108. Office uses defined.
Sec. 51P-279.109. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-279.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-279.111. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-279.112. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-279.113. Bonus, conversion, and phasing.
Sec. 51P-279.114. Maximum floor areas if bonus, conversion, and phasing regulations are used.
Sec. 51P-279.115. Access.
Sec. 51P-279.116. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-279.117. Roadway improvements.
Sec. 51P-279.118. Transportation systems management.
Sec. 51P-279.119. Signs.
Sec. 51P-279.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-279.121. Paving.
Sec. 51P-279.122. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-279.123. Zoning map.


PD 280.

Sec. 51P-280.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-280.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-280.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-280.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-280.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-280.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-280.107. Uses and floor area.
Sec. 51P-280.108. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-280.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-280.110. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-280.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-280.112. No parking signs.
Sec. 51P-280.113. Dedication for North Central Expressway.
Sec. 51P-280.114. Transportation systems management.
Sec. 51P-280.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-280.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-280.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-280.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-280.119. Zoning map.


PD 281.

Lakewood Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-281.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-281.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-281.103. Purpose.
Sec. 51P-281.104. Creation of area and subdistricts.
Sec. 51P-281.105. Reconciliation with other ordinances.
Sec. 51P-281.106. Interpretations.
Sec. 51P-281.107. General provisions applicable to the Lakewood Center SPD.
Sec. 51P-281.108. Development standards for the Center Core Area.
Sec. 51P-281.109. Development standards for the North Abrams Area.
Sec. 51P-281.110. Development standards for the Abrams/Richmond/Gaston Area.
Sec. 51P-281.111. Development standards for the Paulus Avenue Area.
Sec. 51P-281.112. Special penalty provisions.
Sec. 51P-281.113. Zoning map.


PD 282.

Sec. 51P-282.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-282.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-282.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-282.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-282.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-282.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-282.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-282.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-282.109. Transportation improvements and dedications.
Sec. 51P-282.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-282.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-282.112. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-282.113. Signs.
Sec. 51P-282.114. Helicopter base.
Sec. 51P-282.115. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-282.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-282.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-282.118. Zoning map.


PD 283.

Sec. 51P-283.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-283.102. Property location.


PD 284.

Sec. 51P-284.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-284.102. Property location.


PD 285.

Sec. 51P-285.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-285.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-285.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-285.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-285.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-285.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-285.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-285.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-285.109. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-285.110. Electrical substation size.
Sec. 51P-285.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-285.112. Private driveway.
Sec. 51P-285.113. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-285.114. Median openings.
Sec. 51P-285.115. Flood plain.
Sec. 51P-285.116. Platting.
Sec. 51P-285.117. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-285.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-285.119. Paving.
Sec. 51P-285.120. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-285.121. Zoning map.


PD 286.

Sec. 51P-286.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-286.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-286.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-286.104. Creation of tracts.
Sec. 51P-286.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-286.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-286.107. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-286.108. Parking.
Sec. 51P-286.109. Paving.
Sec. 51P-286.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-286.111. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-286.112. Density.
Sec. 51P-286.113. Height.
Sec. 51P-286.114. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-286.115. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-286.116. Fill of well.
Sec. 51P-286.117. Parking area lighting.
Sec. 51P-286.118. Screening.
Sec. 51P-286.119. Site circulation.
Sec. 51P-286.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-286.121. Zoning map.


PD 287.

Sec. 51P-287.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-287.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-287.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-287.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-287.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-287.106. Landscaping requirements.
Sec. 51P-287.107. Tract 8b development standards.
Sec. 51P-287.108. Uses.
Sec. 51P-287.109. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-287.110. Special events.
Sec. 51P-287.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-287.112. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-287.113. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-287.114. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-287.115. Transportation management plan.
Sec. 51P-287.116.
Sec. 51P-287.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-287.118. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-287.119. Paving.
Sec. 51P-287.120. Noise.
Sec. 51P-287.121. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-287.122. Fireworks.
Sec. 51P-287.123. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-287.124. Master plan.
Sec. 51P-287.125. Environmental assessment.
Sec. 51P-287.126. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-287.127. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-287.128. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-287.129. Zoning maps.


PD 288.

Sec. 51P-288.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-288.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-288.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-288.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-288.105. Use.
Sec. 51P-288.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-288.107. Maximum seating area.
Sec. 51P-288.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-288.109. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-288.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-288.111. Permissible noise levels.
Sec. 51P-288.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-288.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-288.114. Zoning map.


PD 289.

Sec. 51P-289.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-289.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-289.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-289.104. Dallas Parkway Center Study.
Sec. 51P-289.105. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-289.106. Development and landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-289.107. Permitted uses.
Sec. 51P-289.108. Office uses defined.
Sec. 51P-289.109. Building setbacks.
Sec. 51P-289.110. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-289.111. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-289.112. Bonus, conversion, and phasing.
Sec. 51P-289.113. Maximum permitted height.
Sec. 51P-289.114. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-289.115. Street improvements.
Sec. 51P-289.116. Access.
Sec. 51P-289.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-289.118. Transportation systems management.
Sec. 51P-289.119. Mandatory transportation management organization support fee.
Sec. 51P-289.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-289.121. Paving.
Sec. 51P-289.122. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-289.123. Zoning map.


PD 290.

Sec. 51P-290.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-290.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-290.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-290.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-290.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-290.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-290.107. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-290.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-290.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-290.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-290.111. Notification of weekend sale.
Sec. 51P-290.112. Removal of cars.
Sec. 51P-290.113. Lighting of the parking lot prohibited.
Sec. 51P-290.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-290.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-290.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-290.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-290.118. Zoning map.


PD 291.

Sec. 51P-291.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-291.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-291.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-291.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-291.105. Development and landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-291.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-291.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-291.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-291.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-291.110. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-291.111. Access.
Sec. 51P-291.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-291.113. Road improvements.
Sec. 51P-291.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-291.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-291.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-291.117. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-291.118. Zoning map.


PD 292.

Sec. 51P-292.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-292.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-292.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-292.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-292.105. Use.
Sec. 51P-292.106. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-292.107. Parking.
Sec. 51P-292.108. Indoor area.
Sec. 51P-292.109. Outdoor play area.
Sec. 51P-292.110. Fencing.
Sec. 51P-292.111. Access from Naylor.
Sec. 51P-292.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-292.113. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-292.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-292.115. Paving.
Sec. 51P-292.116. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-292.117. Zoning map.


PD 293.

Sec. 51P-293.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-293.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-293.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-293.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-293.105. Use.
Sec. 51P-293.106. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-293.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-293.108. Heights.
Sec. 51P-293.109. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-293.110. Parking.
Sec. 51P-293.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-293.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-293.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-293.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-293.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-293.116. Zoning map.


PD 294.

Sec. 51P-294.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-294.102. Property location.


PD 295.

Sec. 51P-295.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-295.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-295.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-295.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-295.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-295.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-295.107. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-295.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-295.109. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-295.110. Maximum height and stories.
Sec. 51P-295.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-295.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-295.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-295.114. Zoning map.


PD 296.

Sec. 51P-296.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-296.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-296.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-296.104. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-296.105. Effect on permit applications.
Sec. 51P-296.106. Zoning map.


PD 297.

Sec. 51P-297.101.
Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-297.102. Property location.


PD 298.

Bryan Area Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-298.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-298.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-298.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-298.104. Creation of subareas.
Sec. 51P-298.105. Subarea 9 conditions.
Sec. 51P-298.105.1. Development plans.
Sec. 51P-298.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-298.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-298.108. Nonconforming uses.
Sec. 51P-298.109. Residential proximity slope.
Sec. 51P-298.110. Maximum heights.
Sec. 51P-298.111. Stories in Subarea 7.
Sec. 51P-298.112. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-298.113. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-298.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-298.115. Parking requirements.
Sec. 51P-298.116. Floor area ratio and floor area.
Sec. 51P-298.117. Reconciliation of regulations applicable to Subarea 6.
Sec. 51P-298.118. Highly reflective glass provisions.
Sec. 51P-298.119. Fences.
Sec. 51P-298.120. Special provisions for Subareas 10A, 11A, and 12A.
Sec. 51P-298.121. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-298.122. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-298.123. Zoning map.


PD 299.

Sec. 51P-299.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-299.102. Property location.


PD 300.

Sec. 51P-300.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-300.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-300.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-300.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-300.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-300.106. Driving of private vehicles prohibited.
Sec. 51P-300.107. Maximum number of residents.
Sec. 51P-300.108. Maximum number of dwelling units.
Sec. 51P-300.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-300.110. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-300.111. Maximum coverage.
Sec. 51P-300.112. Common facilities.
Sec. 51P-300.113. Parking.
Sec. 51P-300.114. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-300.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-300.116. Loading docks.
Sec. 51P-300.117. Garbage pick-up and delivery trucks.
Sec. 51P-300.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-300.119. Paving.
Sec. 51P-300.120. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-300.121. Zoning map.


PD 301.

Sec. 51P-301.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-301.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-301.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-301.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-301.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-301.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-301.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-301.108. Masonry wall.
Sec. 51P-301.109. Access.
Sec. 51P-301.110. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-301.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-301.112. Maximum stories.
Sec. 51P-301.113. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-301.114. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-301.115. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-301.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-301.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-301.118. Zoning map.


PD 302.

Sec. 51P-302.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-302.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-302.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-302.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-302.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-302.106. Uses and development standards.
Sec. 51P-302.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-302.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-302.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-302.110. Phasing.
Sec. 51P-302.111. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-302.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-302.113. Zoning map.


PD 303.

Sec. 51P-303.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-303.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-303.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-303.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-303.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-303.106. Landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-303.107. Uses and development standards within each tract shown on the conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-303.108. Platting.
Sec. 51P-303.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-303.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-303.111. Zoning map.


PD 304.

Sec. 51P-304.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-304.102. Property location.
Sec. 51P-304.103. Rezoning of PD 304.


PD 305.


Sec. 51P-305.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-305.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-305.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-305.104. Zoning classification change.
Sec. 51P-305.105. Purpose.
Sec. 51P-305.106. Creation of separate zones, subzones, subdistricts, and subareas.
Sec. 51P-305.107. Use regulations.
Sec. 51P-305.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-305.109. Residential proximity slope.
Sec. 51P-305.110. Off-street parking, off-street loading, and bicycle parking requirements.
Sec. 51P-305.111. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-305.112. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-305.113. Phasing of development.
Sec. 51P-305.114. Traffic signal installation.
Sec. 51P-305.115. Corner clip requirements.
Sec. 51P-305.116. Private access easement.
Sec. 51P-305.117. Landscaping requirements.
Sec. 51P-305.118. Structure facade standards.
Sec. 51P-305.119. Community facilities required.
Sec. 51P-305.120. Lower income family housing requirements.
Sec. 51P-305.121. Signs.
Sec. 51P-305.122. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-305.123. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-305.124. Zoning map.


PD 306.

Sec. 51P-306.101.
Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-306.102. Property locations and size.
Sec. 51P-306.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-306.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-306.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-306.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-306.107. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-306.108. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-306.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-306.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-306.111. Zoning map.


PD 307.

Sec. 51P-307.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-307.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-307.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-307.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-307.105. Landscape inventory plan.
Sec. 51P-307.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-307.107. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-307.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-307.109. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-307.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-307.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-307.112. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-307.113. Stormwater control system.
Sec. 51P-307.114. Stormwater risk analysis study.
Sec. 51P-307.115. Fire-fighting water control system.
Sec. 51P-307.116. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-307.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-307.118. Zoning map.


PD 308.

Sec. 51P-308.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-308.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-308.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-308.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-308.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-308.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-308.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-308.108. Maximum development.
Sec. 51P-308.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-308.110. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-308.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-308.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-308.113. Reflective glass prohibition.
Sec. 51P-308.114. Development phasing.
Sec. 51P-308.115. Access to the property.
Sec. 51P-308.116. Paving.
Sec. 51P-308.117. Signs.
Sec. 51P-308.118. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-308.119. Screening.
Sec. 51P-308.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-308.121. Zoning map.


PD 309.

Sec. 51P-309.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-309.102. Property location.


PD 310.

Sec. 51P-310.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-310.102. Property location.
Sec. 51P-310.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-310.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-310.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-310.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-310.107. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-310.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-310.109. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-310.110. Maximum height and stories.
Sec. 51P-310.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-310.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-310.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-310.114. Zoning map.


PD 311.

Sec. 51P-311.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-311.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-311.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-311.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-311.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-311.106. Maximum height and stories.
Sec. 51P-311.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-311.108. Density, floor area, and lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-311.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-311.110. Screening, landscaping, and tree preservation.
Sec. 51P-311.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-311.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-311.113. Zoning map.


PD 312.

Sec. 51P-312.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-312.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-312.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-312.104. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-312.105. Effect on permit applications.
Sec. 51P-312.106. Zoning map.


PD 313.

Sec. 51P-313.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-313.102. Property location.


PD 314.

Preston Center Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-314.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-314.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-314.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-314.104. Zoning classification change and district name.
Sec. 51P-314.105. Creation of separate tracts.
Sec. 51P-314.106. Use regulations and development standards for Tracts I and V.
Sec. 51P-314.107. Use regulations and development standards for Tract II.
Sec. 51P-314.108. Use regulations and development standards for Tract III.
Sec. 51P-314.109. Use regulations and development standards for Tract IV.
Sec. 51P-314.110. Use regulations and development standards for Tract VI.
Sec. 51P-314.111. Provisions of general applicability.
Sec. 51P-314.112. Special landscaping regulations.
Sec. 51P-314.113. Compliance dates and nonconforming rights.
Sec. 51P-314.114. Certificate of occupancy conditioned on compliance.
Sec. 51P-314.115. Zoning maps.


PD 315.

Sec. 51P-315.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-315.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-315.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-315.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-315.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-315.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-315.107. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-315.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-315.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-315.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-315.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-315.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-315.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-315.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-315.115. Zoning map.


PD 316.

Jefferson Area Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-316.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-316.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-316.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-316.104. Name of district.
Sec. 51P-316.105. Creation of separate areas and subareas.
Sec. 51P-316.106. Mixed use projects.
Sec. 51P-316.107. Additional provisions applicable to certain uses.
Sec. 51P-316.108. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-316.109. Landscaping in the parkway.
Sec. 51P-316.110. Reassessment clause.
Sec. 51P-316.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-316.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-316.113. Zoning map.


PD 317.

Cedars Area Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-317.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-317.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-317.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-317.104. Zoning classification change and district identification.
Sec. 51P-317.105. Creation of separate areas.
Sec. 51P-317.106. Preservation incentives.
Sec. 51P-317.107. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-317.108. Utility or government service center.
Sec. 51P-317.109. Group home or shelter permitted, subject to restrictions, in Subdistrict 3.
Sec. 51P-317.110. Seafood processing facility.
Sec. 51P-317.110.1. Art or craft production facility.
Sec. 51P-317.111. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-317.112. Landscaping in the parkway.
Sec. 51P-317.112.1. Pedestrian amenities in the parkway.
Sec. 51P-317.113. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-317.114. Certificate of occupancy conditioned on compliance.
Sec. 51P-317.115. Zoning map.


PD 318.

Sec. 51P-318.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-318.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-318.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-318.104. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-318.105. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-318.106. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-318.107. Zoning map.


PD 319.

Sec. 51P-319.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-319.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-319.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-319.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-319.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-319.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-319.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-319.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-319.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-319.110. Fences.
Sec. 51P-319.111. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-319.112. Paving.
Sec. 51P-319.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-319.114. Zoning map.


PD 320.

Sec. 51P-320.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-320.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-320.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-320.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-320.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-320.106. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-320.107. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-320.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-320.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-320.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-320.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-320.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-320.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-320.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-320.115. Zoning map.


PD 321.

Sec. 51P-321.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-321.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-321.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-321.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-321.105. Main uses.
Sec. 51P-321.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-321.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-321.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-321.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-321.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-321.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-321.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-321.113. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-321.114. Zoning map.


PD 322.

Sec. 51P-322.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-322.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-322.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-322.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-322.105. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-322.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-322.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-322.108. Stories.
Sec. 51P-322.109. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-322.110. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-322.111. Parking.
Sec. 51P-322.112. Parking survey.
Sec. 51P-322.113. Parking fees.
Sec. 51P-322.114. Loading.
Sec. 51P-322.115. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-322.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-322.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-322.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-322.119. Zoning map.


PD 323.

Urbandale Area Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-323.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-323.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-323.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-323.104. Name of district.
Sec. 51P-323.105. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-323.106. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-323.107. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-323.108. Zoning map.


PD 324.

Sec. 51P-324.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-324.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-324.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-324.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-324.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-324.106. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-324.107. Height.
Sec. 51P-324.108. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-324.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-324.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-324.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-324.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-324.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-324.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-324.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-324.116. Zoning map.


PD 325.

Sec. 51P-325.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-325.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-325.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-325.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-325.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-325.106. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-325.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-325.108. Height.
Sec. 51P-325.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-325.110. Stories.
Sec. 51P-325.111. Hours of operation.
Sec. 51P-325.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-325.113. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-325.114. Signs.
Sec. 51P-325.115. Access.
Sec. 51P-325.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-325.117. Paving.
Sec. 51P-325.118. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-325.119. Zoning map.


PD 326.

West Lovers Lane Planned Development District

Sec. 51P-326.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-326.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-326.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-326.104. Name of district.
Sec. 51P-326.105. Creation of separate areas.
Sec. 51P-326.106. Use regulations and development standards.
Sec. 51P-326.107. Landscaping in the parkway.
Sec. 51P-326.108. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-326.109. Zoning map.


PD 327.

Sec. 51P-327.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-327.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-327.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-327.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-327.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-327.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-327.107. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-327.108. Dwelling unit density.
Sec. 51P-327.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-327.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-327.111. Stories.
Sec. 51P-327.112. Residential development standards.
Sec. 51P-327.113. Screening.
Sec. 51P-327.114. Visual intrusion.
Sec. 51P-327.115. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-327.116. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-327.117. Reflective glass.
Sec. 51P-327.118. Exterior lighting.
Sec. 51P-327.119. Pick-ups and deliveries.
Sec. 51P-327.120. Signs.
Sec. 51P-327.121. Facades.
Sec. 51P-327.122. Pedestrian access.
Sec. 51P-327.123. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-327.124. Paving.
Sec. 51P-327.125. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-327.126. Zoning map.


PD 329.

Sec. 51P-329.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-329.102. Property location.


PD 330.

Sec. 51P-330.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-330.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-330.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-330.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-330.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-330.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-330.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-330.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-330.109. Landscape regulations.
Sec. 51P-330.110. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-330.111. Road improvement.
Sec. 51P-330.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-330.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-330.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-330.115. Zoning map.


PD 331.

Sec. 51P-331.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-331.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-331.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-331.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-331.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-331.106. Location of baler.
Sec. 51P-331.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-331.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-331.109. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-331.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-331.111. Fences.
Sec. 51P-331.112. Curtain wall.
Sec. 51P-331.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-331.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-331.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-331.116. Zoning map.


PD 332.

Sec. 51P-332.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-332.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-332.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-332.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-332.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-332.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-332.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-332.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-332.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-332.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-332.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-332.112. Zoning map.


PD 333.

Sec. 51P-333.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-333.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-333.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-333.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-333.105. Phasing.
Sec. 51P-333.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-333.107. Wall openings.
Sec. 51P-333.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-333.109. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-333.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-333.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-333.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-333.113 General provisions.
Sec. 51P-333.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-333.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-333.116. Zoning map.


PD 334.

Sec. 51P-334.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-334.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-334.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-334.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-334.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-334.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-334.107. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-334.108. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-334.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-334.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-334.111. Parking garage/off-street loading.
Sec. 51P-334.112. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-334.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-334.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-334.115. Zoning map.


PD 335.

Sec. 51P-335.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-335.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-335.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-335.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-335.105. Development and landscape plans.
Sec. 51P-335.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-335.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-335.108. Visual obstruction regulations.
Sec. 51P-335.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-335.110. Landscape, open space, and building form regulations.
Sec. 51P-335.111. Transportation management.
Sec. 51P-335.112. Right-of-way dedications.
Sec. 51P-335.113. Street improvements.
Sec. 51P-335.114. Parking garage facades.
Sec. 51P-335.115. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-335.116. Zoning map.


PD 336.

Sec. 51P-336.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-336.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-336.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-336.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-336.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-336.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-336.107. Driving of private vehicles prohibited.
Sec. 51P-336.108. Maximum number of residents.
Sec. 51P-336.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-336.110. Maximum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-336.111. Maximum height.
Sec. 51P-336.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-336.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-336.114. Zoning map.


PD 337.

Sec. 51P-337.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-337.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-337.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-337.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-337.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-337.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-337.107. Days and hours of operation of auction.
Sec. 51P-337.108. Mandatory reassessment.
Sec. 51P-337.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-337.110. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-337.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-337.112. Fences.
Sec. 51P-337.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-337.114. Zoning map.


PD 338.

Sec. 51P-338.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-338.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-338.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-338.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-338.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-338.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-338.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-338.108. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-338.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-338.110. Fences.
Sec. 51P-338.111. Access.
Sec. 51P-338.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-338.113. Zoning map.


PD 339.

Sec. 51P-339.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-339.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-339.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-339.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-339.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-339.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-339.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-339.108. Number of residents.
Sec. 51P-339.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-339.110. Zoning map.


PD 340.

Sec. 51P-340.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-340.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-340.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-340.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-340.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-340.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-340.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-340.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-340.109. Density restrictions.
Sec. 51P-340.110. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-340.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-340.112. Additional provisions for Tract I.
Sec. 51P-340.113. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-340.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-340.115. Zoning map.


PD 341.

Sec. 51P-341.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-341.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-341.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-341.104. Conceptual site plan.
Sec. 51P-341.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-341.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-341.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-341.108. Density.
Sec. 51P-341.109. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-341.110. Special setback.
Sec. 51P-341.111. Screening.
Sec. 51P-341.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-341.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-341.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-341.115. Zoning map.


PD 342.

Sec. 51P-342.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-342.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-342.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-342.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-342.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-342.106. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-342.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-342.108. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-342.109. Phasing.
Sec. 51P-342.110. Deceleration lane.
Sec. 51P-342.111. Dwelling unit density.
Sec. 51P-342.112. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-342.113. Height.
Sec. 51P-342.114. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-342.115. Stories.
Sec. 51P-342.116. Residential development standards.
Sec. 51P-342.117. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-342.118. Signs.
Sec. 51P-342.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-342.120. Zoning map.


PD 343.

Sec. 51P-343.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-343.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-343.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-343.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-343.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-343.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-343.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-343.108. Density.
Sec. 51P-343.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-343.110. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-343.111. Building height.
Sec. 51P-343.112. Stories.
Sec. 51P-343.113. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-343.114. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-343.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-343.116. Street and pavement width.
Sec. 51P-343.117. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-343.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-343.119. Zoning map.


PD 344.

Sec. 51P-344.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-344.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-344.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-344.104. Landscape and development plan.
Sec. 51P-344.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-344.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-344.107. Floor area.
Sec. 51P-344.108. Floor area ratio.
Sec. 51P-344.109. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-344.110. Fences.
Sec. 51P-344.111. Height.
Sec. 51P-344.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-344.113. Zoning map.


PD 345.

Sec. 51P-345.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-345.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-345.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-345.104. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-345.105. Subdivision plat.
Sec. 51P-345.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-345.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-345.108. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-345.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-345.110. Screening.
Sec. 51P-345.111. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-345.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-345.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-345.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-345.115. Zoning map.


PD 346.

Sec. 51P-346.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-346.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-346.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-346.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-346.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-346.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-346.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-346.108. Number of residents.
Sec. 51P-346.109. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-346.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-346.111. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-346.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-346.113. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-346.114. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-346.115. Zoning map.


PD 347.

Sec. 51P-347.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-347.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-347.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-347.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-347.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-347.106. Minimum spacing.
Sec. 51P-347.107. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-347.108. Minimum lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-347.109. Height.
Sec. 51P-347.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-347.111. Zoning map.


PD 348.

Sec. 51P-348.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-348.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-348.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-348.104. Conceptual development plan.
Sec. 51P-348.105. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-348.106. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-348.107. Uses.
Sec. 51P-348.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-348.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-348.110. Height and stories.
Sec. 51P-348.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-348.112. Parking structures.
Sec. 51P-348.113. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-348.114. Traffic improvements.
Sec. 51P-348.115. Signs.
Sec. 51P-348.116. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-348.117. Zoning map.


PD 349.

Sec. 51P-349.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-349.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-349.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-349.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-349.105. Landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-349.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-349.107. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-349.108. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-349.109. Historic landmark criteria.
Sec. 51P-349.110. Maintenance.
Sec. 51P-349.111. Hours of operation.
Sec. 51P-349.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-349.113. Zoning map.


PD 350.

Sec. 51P-350.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-350.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-350.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-350.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-350.105. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-350.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-350.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-350.108. Special sidewalk provision.
Sec. 51P-350.109. Homeowners’ association.
Sec. 51P-350.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-350.111. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-350.112. Height.
Sec. 51P-350.113. Stories.
Sec. 51P-350.114. Coverage.
Sec. 51P-350.115. West facade.
Sec. 51P-350.116. Minimum lot size.
Sec. 51P-350.117. Parking.
Sec. 51P-350.118. Fences.
Sec. 51P-350.119. Guard house.
Sec. 51P-350.120. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-350.121. Zoning map.


PD 351.

Sec. 51P-351.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-351.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-351.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-351.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-351.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-351.106. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-351.107. Signs.
Sec. 51P-351.108. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-351.109. Zoning map.


PD 352.

Sec. 51P-352.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-352.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-352.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-352.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-352.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-352.106. Density.
Sec. 51P-352.107. Signs.
Sec. 51P-352.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-352.109. Lot size.
Sec. 51P-352.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-352.111. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-352.112. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-352.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-352.114. Zoning map.


PD 353.

Sec. 51P-353.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-353.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-353.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-353.104. Conceptual plan.
Sec. 51P-353.105. Detailed development plan.
Sec. 51P-353.106. Uses.
Sec. 51P-353.107. Development standards for residential uses.
Sec. 51P-353.108. Maximum floor area.
Sec. 51P-353.109. Height and stories.
Sec. 51P-353.110. Residential proximity slope.
Sec. 51P-353.111. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-353.112. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-353.113. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-353.114. Off-street loading.
Sec. 51P-353.115. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-353.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-353.117. Lighting.
Sec. 51P-353.118. Vehicular access.
Sec. 51P-353.119. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-353.120. Paving.
Sec. 51P-353.121. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-353.122. Zoning map.


PD 354.

Sec. 51P-354.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-354.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-354.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-354.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-354.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-354.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-354.107. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-354.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-354.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-354.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-354.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-354.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-354.113. Zoning map.


PD 355.

Sec. 51P-355.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-355.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-355.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-355.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-355.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-355.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-355.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-355.108. Signs.
Sec. 51P-355.109. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-355.110. Paving.
Sec. 51P-355.111. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-355.112. Zoning map.


PD 356.

Sec. 51P-356.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-356.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-356.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-356.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-356.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-356.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-356.107. Maximum number of lots permitted.
Sec. 51P-356.108. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-356.109. Screening wall.
Sec. 51P-356.110. Access to Gibbons Drive.
Sec. 51P-356.111. Sound abatement wall.
Sec. 51P-356.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-356.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-356.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-356.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-356.116. Zoning map.


PD 357.

Farmers Market Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-357.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-357.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-357.103. Purpose.
Sec. 51P-357.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-357.105. Zoning classification change.
Sec. 51P-357.106. Establishment of subdistricts.
Sec. 51P-357.107. General development standards.
Sec. 51P-357.108. Use regulations.
Sec. 51P-357.109. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-357.110. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-357.111. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-357.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-357.113. Single family structure spacing.
Sec. 51P-357.114. Sidewalk regulations.
Sec. 51P-357.115. Development plan review.
Sec. 51P-357.116. Design test and requirements.
Sec. 51P-357.117. Landscape regulations.
Sec. 51P-357.117.1. Operational plan required for homeless assistance center.
Sec. 51P-357.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-357.119. Evaluation.
Sec. 51P-357.120. Zoning map.


PD 358.

Sec. 51P-358.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-358.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-358.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-358.104. Site and landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-358.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-358.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-358.107. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-358.108. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-358.109. Signs.
Sec. 51P-358.110. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-358.111. Paving.
Sec. 51P-358.112. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-358.113. Zoning map.


PD 359.

Sec. 51P-359.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-359.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-359.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-359.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-359.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-359.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-359.107. Dwelling units.
Sec. 51P-359.108. Height and stories.
Sec. 51P-359.109. Setbacks.
Sec. 51P-359.110. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-359.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-359.112. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-359.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-359.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-359.115. Zoning map.


PD 360.

Sec. 51P-360.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-360.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-360.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-360.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-360.105. Uses.
Sec. 51P-360.106. Development standards.
Sec. 51P-360.107. Density.
Sec. 51P-360.108. Elevations.
Sec. 51P-360.109. Lot coverage.
Sec. 51P-360.110. Height.
Sec. 51P-360.111. Off-street parking.
Sec. 51P-360.112. Signs.
Sec. 51P-360.113. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-360.114. Paving.
Sec. 51P-360.115. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-360.116. Zoning map.


PD 361.

Sec. 51P-361.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-361.102. Property location.


PD 362.

Sec. 51P-362.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-362.102. Property location and and size.
Sec. 51P-362.103. Subareas established.
Sec. 51P-362.104. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-362.105. Use regulations and development standards for Subarea I.
Sec. 51P-362.106. Use regulations and development standards for Subarea II.
Sec. 51P-362.107. Use regulations and development standards for Subarea III.
Sec. 51P-362.108. Paving.
Sec. 51P-362.109. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-362.110. Zoning map.


PD 363.

Jeffries/Meyers Planned Development District

Sec. 51P-363.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-363.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-363.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-363.104. Name of district.
Sec. 51P-363.105. Purpose.
Sec. 51P-363.106. Creation of subareas.
Sec. 51P-363.107. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-363.108. Subarea 1.
Sec. 51P-363.109. Subarea 2.
Sec. 51P-363.110. Subarea 3.
Sec. 51P-363.111. Subarea 4.
Sec. 51P-363.112. Nonconforming uses and structures.
Sec. 51P-363.113. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-363.114. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-363.115. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-363.116. Signs.
Sec. 51P-363.117. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-363.118. Paving.
Sec. 51P-363.119. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-363.120. Zoning map.


PD 364.

Sec. 51P-364.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-364.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-364.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-364.104. Development/landscape plan.
Sec. 51P-364.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-364.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-364.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-364.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-364.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-364.110. Signs.
Sec. 51P-364.111. Screening and landscaping.
Sec. 51P-364.112. Additional provisions.
Sec. 51P-364.113. Paving.
Sec. 51P-364.114. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-364.115. Zoning map.


PD 365.

Sec. 51P-365.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-365.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-365.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-365.104. Development plan.
Sec. 51P-365.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-365.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-365.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-365.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-365.109. Sidewalks.
Sec. 51P-365.110. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-365.111. Signs.
Sec. 51P-365.112. Frontage.
Sec. 51P-365.113. Access easements.
Sec. 51P-365.114. Ingress and egress.
Sec. 51P-365.115. Visual obstruction regulations.
Sec. 51P-365.116. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-365.117. Private streets and alleys.
Sec. 51P-365.118. General requirements.
Sec. 51P-365.119. Paving.
Sec. 51P-365.120. Compliance with conditions.
Sec. 51P-365.121. Zoning map.


PD 366.

Buckner Boulevard Special Purpose District

Sec. 51P-366.101. Legislative history.
Sec. 51P-366.102. Property location and size.
Sec. 51P-366.103. Definitions and interpretations.
Sec. 51P-366.104. Creation of subareas and development plan.
Sec. 51P-366.105. Main uses permitted.
Sec. 51P-366.106. Accessory uses.
Sec. 51P-366.107. Yard, lot, and space regulations.
Sec. 51P-366.108. Off-street parking and loading.
Sec. 51P-366.109. Environmental performance standards.
Sec. 51P-366.110. Landscaping.
Sec. 51P-366.111. Private license granted.
Sec. 51P-366.112. Landscape plan.